Reasons for Low Compact Disc Sales Low compact disc sales in the retail stores, is a clear sign that record companies are charging too much money and not supplying enough good talent. Epic Records, a major label record company, has low record sales due to outrageous prices and lack of talent. In the last two years, I bought over 100 compact discs, but people I know haven't, because the prices are too high and the talent is horrible. The price for compact discs is too high for people to buy, especially with the struggling economy of the present day. With a bad economy, many people don't have nineteen dollars to spend on a compact disc anymore. Recently I picked up a bought a record from a band called Mindless self indulgence.

Although they are signed to a small record company and most the songs were only two minutes long; they charged the outrageous price of nineteen dollars. Record companies, need to lower their prices of compact discs by five dollars, so that the common working person can buy the compact disc. If the cost of the compact discs do not go down, the sales will not go up. The other problem leading to the decrease of album sales is the lack of talent. Many compact discs come with ten to twelve songs. Out of those songs, two or three of them are hits.

The Mindless Self Indulgence compact disc that I bought had about three good songs and that was it. The rest of the songs are fillers; just plain average songs just put in there so that they can charge their outrageous price. More and more bands come and go, because they can only produce one or two hits. People will not buy a nineteen-dollar album for a couple of good songs. The result of that is, their sales go down, and then they get dropped from the label due to lack of album sales. Unrealistic prices for compact discs and lack of good material is the cause of low CD sales.

The solution is to put extras in the compact discs, like a DVD that includes live footage of the band or miscellaneous info. Many companies are doing this idea now, but they raised the price even higher, which is not a good idea. If they add extras and lower CD prices, the album sales will go up.