he who knows and knows that he knows he is intelligent follow him. marketing is a very vouge concept and word. it is very difficult to comprehend what marketing is actually about. it is a way of selling your products to customers and satisfying them.

the mantra is customer is the king. profit realisation has to come second but the priority is that customer has to be satisfied. he should not only be satisfied but also delighted. this helps in customer retention. the first part is to attract he customer by promoting your brand by brand building exercised like advertising and sales promotion.

while advertising offers a reason to buy sales promotion offers one an incentive to buy. ultimately the strength of the product helps in pleasing the consumer. advertising can only help in creating brand awareness but ultimately the quality of the product decides the retention of the consumer. the various media for advertising are print and electronic. but in the present world internet has become the main media.

it helps in cutting time and costs to a great extent. the customer has to be retained and only then can he be satisfied. the firm should implement various cost cutting measures to post consistent profits. the expenditure on brand building exercises like advertising and sales promotion has to be high for fast moving consumer goods. there can be no substitute to a good product that offers quality and low price at the same time.

marketing is indeed very vague as it requires a very deep understanding of the consumer.