BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION QUESTIONS: 1. ) What do you want to do for the rest of your life? ANSWER: I do not know exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I may become a high school vocational teacher or a professional business person. I have always wanted to become a teacher. I have not made a career decision yet. I have already taken the Praxis I and passed it in the top 10%.

Therefore, I have already started preparing for a teaching career. I plan to take the Praxis II this summer. In spite of this, I am still going to wait and see what business opportunities I may be offered out of college. However, if the teaching matter does not work out; I want to be a successful, wealthy, and prosperous business person. I plan to work for a well known and thriving business. Human Resources has always been interesting to me.

I would enjoy hiring and firing employees. I could see myself being a Human Resource Director for a large business firm. I also would like to be a recruiter for a company or a college. I could perform either one of these exciting professions for the rest of my life. I do not care to be supervised constantly.

I work better when I am on my own. I think that I should be trusted enough to get my work completed. It doesn't matter to me if I stay in my hometown or move to another state. I would like to leave the little country town of Petal and move to a big city. I believe that I will go where the money takes me.

I do know that I want to be happy for the rest of my life. I want to be satisfied with my career and have a fulfilling personal life. I guess when I am asked the question what do you want to do for the rest of your life; I should respond with "making a lot of money." 2. ) If you go back to your hometown to live and work; what products or services are you going to do or offer? Use the Internet to help you decide. Why would anybody buy from you instead of competitors? Combine the videos watched in class and Ch.

10 and Ch. 11 to your answer. ANSWER: I have had thoughts before of opening my own business. Nevertheless, I have kept my ideas as just thoughts. I could open an Internet business and offer a variety of products. I could do something similar to PC Flowers by having enough courage to establish my own interactive business.

In the video the owner of PC Flowers said that everyone told him that this flower business conducted on the Internet would not succeed. PC Flowers is still flourishing today. It is now a brilliant company. I could start myself a brick and mortar business while having the Internet correspond with helping me.

I could start a coffee shop on the Internet. My internet business is going to be most similar to the fourth video we watched, "Thinking Machines." My business is going to have robotics and artificial intelligence tied into it. I would have to get information on opening an Internet business from existing websites to help me get started. Artificial intelligence can help my business in numerous of ways. In the small town of Petal, MS there is not a single coffee shop.

I believe that an interactive coffee shop will do well in Petal. Therefore, I am going to open and establish a soon to be famous coffee shop. The name will be MMM... COFFEE & GRITS! I will offer a variety of services and products. The store will be open 24 hours a day, Monday thru Sunday. The internet will also have 24 hour access to order food and coffee.

The business will be located at 1140 Main Street. There are several reasons why consumers will choose MMM... COFFEE & GRITS over competitors. First, we will offer convenience at both at locations (brick and mortar and the Internet) and getting fast service will be a demand. We will be connected to the Internet. On our homepage we will have a section for ordering coffee and breakfast.

We will get customers to enter their regular coffee order. We will give them a password to go with their name on our website. Then all the consumer has to do is log on to their computer, type their password in and their usually coffee order will appear. The consumer will have a choice on what to do next.

They can press okay, and our robotics will automatically make the consumers order. There will be another icon on the home page that states "Add To My Order." This allows the consumer to add food or more drinks to their order. This is extremely convenient because most people drink coffee on their way to work. Consequently, the consumers will not have to come in to order or wait.

Instead we have our convenient Internet connection so that the order will be ready when the consumer arrives at the store. We will also accept phone orders. The store will have a drive thru; hence customers will not have to get out of their vehicles. Another reason why consumers will choose MMM... COFFEE & GRITS is because Petal residents will no longer have to drive to Hattiesburg or out of town to get coffee or home made breakfast food. After my internet connected business gets started I will have to design a database.

The database will get started on my opening day. I will have a drawing that gives away a free breakfast combo for one month. In order for the consumer to register they will have to sign in and give their name, address, and email. This will get my database in progress. I will have a customer database similar to P C Flowers and Frito Lay. Both of these companies keep up with what their customers have bought, how frequently they purchase, who are their best customers are.

My database will be designed similar to these so that I can monitor what customers want. I can also keep up with what and when my customers place their purchase. This will allow my robotics to know when to go ahead and start cooking up the coffee and food. The Schneider video used an efficient Management Information System. They had 17 regional operating systems. They have computers located in their trucks to track how fast they are going, safety, and fuel efficiency.

MMM... COFFEE & GRT IS will offer a delivery service. I will have tracking devices installed in my delivery vehicles to monitor my employees. I expect them to go directly to the house where the order is suppose to be delivered to. Having computers installed in my vehicles will ensure customers fast service. This will also decrease costs because employees will not be able to ride around and waste gas.

I would also like to have a MIS like Schneider. Their system is user friendly and can receive data very fast. I need a user friendly MIS because I am computer illiterate (just kidding! ). Since a MIS provides reports based on routine flows of data and assist in general control of the organization, my business will rely on a MIS. I will count on the MIS to provide information on my business's performance of monitoring and controlling the business decisions. Our prices will also be cheaper because part of the making coffee and food process will be used with artificial intelligence and intelligent agents.

This is very similar to the videos Papnet and Thinking Machines. Papnet used robotics arms to pull Pap smear slides and look at them under the microscope. They use neural networks to detect abnormalities pelvic cells. This artificial intelligence is like a human brain. Just like in the Papnet video when employees get tired they overlook or miss seeing abnormal cells.

This is related to my business; because when my employees get tired they will make accidents happen. The wrong order could be given to the customer, the employee could forget to type the order in the computer to be processed, or the employee could be rude to the customers if too tired. If I used the neural network like Papnet, I know my business will succeed. The Thinking Machine video relates to my business the most. In this video it was mostly about a guy beating an artificial intelligence machines in checkers called Deep Blue.

This video concentrated mostly on how computers can think on their own. Each year it is becoming more difficult for the guy to beat the computer. The computer attempts to mimic human physical and intelligent tasks. There are built in reasoning codes and rules for decisions on these artificial intelligence machines. My computers in the coffee shop will automatically start making coffee at 4: 00 a. m.

No one will need to be at the shop until around 5: 00 a. m. The artificial machines will have arms on them and will pour the coffee in extra pots where the coffee will stay warm. Also, I will be using hybrid AI systems to run my shop. This is an "integration of multiple AI technologies into a single application to take advantage of the best features of these technologies." I think this artificial intelligence is the best.

It takes advantage of all the finest features of genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, neural networks, and expert systems. My systems will also cook the food that is ordered. I will only need employees for delivery, customer service, and to keep things in order. My artificial intelligent machines which will be robotics will do the rest.

I think that my intelligent technologies should use neural networks the most because they follow the patterns of the human brain. Some of my other computers may use case-based-reasoning which is artificial intelligence technology that "represents knowledge as a database of cases and solutions." This way if there is a problem and the artificial brain can't figure out a solution there will be a backup with similar or just alike cases. Therefore, there should never be a mistake in a customer's order. The video Race Against Time doesn't really apply to me right now.

That video mostly was concerned with the millennium bug. Since it is 2003, I don't have to worry about the glitch. However, I do need to keep up with viruses and bugs that may occur in my computer system. If I got a virus in my computer there would be complete chaos in the store. Moreover, I still think that errors or glitches could occur with the older computers that weren't manufactured after 2000. I want my store to be the best and be the most profitable! Therefore, all of my computers and artificial intelligent machines will be up to date.

The sixth video we watched in class had three sections to it. Dupont had an executive support system that allowed 24 hour access to data from any of their locations. In the video it pointed out that senior executives have a great need to review information from external and internal sources. I will need an executive support system somewhat to this one. Dupont was mostly concerned with locations around the world. I will not need to have an ESS that supports global working yet.

Maybe one day I will be able to expand my business worldwide. Phillips Petroleum gave good details about profitability within the ESS. The video stated that profitability depends on active reporting and changes immediately. I think that being in the restaurant business, this is an important issue.

I need to know if anyone else in the community is thinking about starting a small business like this one. I also need to keep up with the prices of competitors. According to Phillips Petroleum this is what their ESS system assists with. Frito Lay looks at data daily. This allows them to keep up with sales and what promotions to offer next.

I would need to pay attention to this because I need to know what my sales are daily to see if I am making a profitable return. I will also need to know what to put on promotion or sales each month. I am going to set my goals similar to the Water Association in Australia. The man on the video stated that I. T.

can give your business a competitive advantage. Follow these goals, it important to set targets, monitor targets, look closely at I. T. budgets for real business decisions, informing line managers to account for money spent on the I. T. I will follow these in hope to allow my business to prosper.

Also this video used Geographic Information Systems. This shows basically the trading area for the business, where the most valuable customers live, how far they drive, and how frequently they may visit. Using a GIS system would benefit my business. I will know how large my trading area is, and what target market to approach using this development. MMM... COFFEE & GRITS will be a new technology to our generation.

It will not be just another coffee shop; it is going to be a new creation. I have already stated above that I will use artificial intelligence to run my business. My business will benefit from this by storing information in active form, creating mechanisms that are not subject to human feelings (such as being tired, fatigue, or worried), eliminates routine and unsatisfying jobs (such as being at the store at 4: 00 a. m. to make the food and coffee), enhancing organization's knowledge base, and generating solutions to specific problems. Most of my intelligent machines will be robotics.

They will make all the food and the coffee. I will offer anything from coffee, cappuccino, and homemade pecan pancakes, to several other items. I hope that my Executive Support Systems will help me make better business decisions, the Internet will attract several customers through its convenience, and that the artificial intelligence systems that I have installed will give MMM... COFFEE & GRITS a competitive advantage!