MBA is a special subject for the business studies. (MBA: A post-undergraduate degree from a college or university with a graduate program that teaches people how to manage a business. ) (Gorman, T. 1998). Then it was probably the world best know and most widely acknowledge postgraduate degree. It is a professional degree that include of some different courses of business and management.

The intention of a program leading to an MBA is to prepare or further prepare individuals for responsible positions in business. It was usually managerial positions and business positions. MBA program are around the world, it was connected different field. E.

g. Industry, Economy, International trade, etc. As this subject, in the first place, the management is more important for this subject. A good manager needs to control a big company. A manager must deal skillfully with people, help those performance problems, and improve some performance for the work. Managers must pay attention financial problems and keep it.

Because MBA just have a Master of Business Administration does not make anyone a master of business administration. Therefore, the manager is a key factor for this subject. The second part is business. Many activities must take place for a company to successfully create and sell products or services.

However, each department has to well manage for the big company to succeed. The major departments are: finance, accounting, operations, marketing etc. Finance controls the money. The financial department is to confirm that the company has enough money in order to operate.

This money usually used to buy fixed assets, for example, office space, equipment, and employees! salary. Financial department also ensures that the company continually has good investment opportunities. Next department is the accounting department. The accounting department keeps the company! s financial records by tracking the flow of money, because it was very much easy for customers to consume, and much easier for the company to make sales.

There is another department is called the operation department. In the majority of companies, an operation includes the employees who assist the customers and the places where they work. That is also includes departments receives material from supplier. After that, R&D (Research& Development) department also important for the business. Because the marketing function often includes market research, it can look for the chances about their need.

If the company got some useful results from the market research, it will be helpful to the new products design. Although this program is more difficult for Chinese students and the students will meet some English problems for this subject, China also has been development as fast as possible. Along with China joined into WTO (World Trade Organisation), Chinese businesses have expanded to the worldwide. Therefore, the students have to study some knowledge to improve their own country! s business. This is the classification diagram of the MBA Gorman T. , The Complete Idiot! s Guide to MBA (1998), printed in USA.