There are a wide variety of careers to chose from in this large and free nation which we live in. Young people these days can pursue nearly and idea that interests them and make a living. I find the occupation of being a photojournalist to be the best choice for me. Being a photojournalist isn't as easy of a job as it sounds. There are many responsibilities that go along with it, and the assignments aren't always the best. The pay isn't the best either, and it's not even very easy to get into the field.

Photojournalists do get to see many amazing things and events. They get to participate in documenting history which I find most interesting. There are many responsibilities associated with being a photojournalist. A photo journalist must have a sense of curiosity. They have to have an interest in working with people and finding out about different things. It takes persistence to seek out more than one side of a situation and an ability to put it in perspective with ongoing events.

They need to want to know more about their surroundings and happenings around them. Photojournalists need artistic aptitude, which is an ability to see things creatively and to organize images that will relate the facts of the story with emotional and visual qualities to attract the attention ad interest of the viewers. They need mechanical aptitude, as computers are now being used more many newspapers now send their photojournalists on assignment with a digital camera, a computer and satellite cell-phone to enable nearly instantaneous transmission back to the newsroom. Photojournalists need a high ethical standard, they are required to report truthfully, honestly and objectively. They have to properly serve the public interest and uphold and dignify his professional status and the reputation on the station. Also photojournalists have to be quick thinking and adaptable, they must expect the unexpected, there are times when an assignment may not be appealing.

Still, editors will demand that the journalist come back with a publishable image regardless of the circumstances, lack of accessibility or weather. Photojournalism is not a very easy career to get into. Entry-level positions in photojournalism are likely to require a college degree although few employers require a degree in journalism or photojournalism. Employers believe educated workers learn tasks more easily and are better organized. High school and / or college experience can prove invaluable in learning not only the technical aspects of photography but experiencing what it's like to work in a newsroom on a deadline.

Most newspapers and television stations require some form of internship or apprenticeship at a newspaper or television station. Summer or part-time work for a photographer, cable or television network, newspaper or magazine is an excellent way to gain experience and eventual entry into photojournalism. Chances are you won't get rich from being a photojournalist. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual earnings for salaried photographers was about $30, 600 in 1996.

The middle 50 percent earned between $21, 000 and $46, 500. The top 10 percent earned more than $75, 100 while the lowest 10 percent earned less than $14, 500. However if you can focus on the fact that a company pays you to make images, meet people, see amazing things and not get too caught up in silly assignment-desk decisions, the date you missed or goofy editing, then you will be living a dream. You can make different salaried by being one of the many photographers who are self employed and are called freelancers. To be a good photojournalist you have a sense of curiosity, and many other characteristics. A lot of training and experience, and the ability to do a good job so they can make a living.

Even though photojournalism is not the easiest of careers to pursue, I still find it worth my time to further research. I already possess many of the common characteristics it takes to be a photojournalist, and I'm looking into further learning about photography so it will be easier to get a job in photojournalism later on.