Sales Team and Its Effectiveness Since graduation from college in December 1990, I have been involved in several team activities including sales teams, management teams, and recreational sports teams. Each provided different experiences and each have resulted in varying degrees of effect. One of the most effective teams in which I was involved was the first sales team created when I was hired by Wallace. During my employment as a Sales Representative with Wallace, I was involved in multiple sales teams of which the first team proved to be the most rewarding regarding team unity and the effect it had on my individual performance as a salesperson. As a sales representative with Wallace, performance is based on individual results, however, team unity and the atmosphere created is a critical external influence that effects individual performance.

The effect the team has on individual performance is difficult to quantify since a direct comparison to individual performance can not be made due to other internal and external factors. Thus, the positive effect the team evokes can only be measured subjectively. That being said, my personal perception of the effectiveness the first sales team had on my individual performance was positive in that the team provided support professionally and personally. Professionally the team helped in developing basic skills necessary to perform the function of the sales position...

As an inexperienced rep just graduated from college, I was able to rely on the knowledge and experience individuals on the team provided including direction in basic daily tasks, product knowledge, interaction with producing plants, interaction with customers, and developing strategies in networking accounts. The team offered guidance in these areas that went beyond the formal training I received and reduced the learning curve which helped me to become successful based on individual performance in a shorter time frame than I would have without the team. The team also was effective in my personal development, which in turn improved my individual performance. As a salesperson, internal factors such as emotions and self-confidence impact the overall performance of the individual. The team in which I was involved provided emotional support in several ways including discussion and feedback that encouraged and motivated me to continue to perform the functions of the position when internal emotions become a distraction. The team also positively effected my self-confidence by providing support from a peer group that understood the difficult daily tasks I faced and rewarded small victories with simple tokens of encouragement.

This instilled a "winning" attitude that was not available in other circles outside the team. This further developed my confidence level, which impacted my ability to perform the tasks necessary to be successful. In conclusion, the sales team in which I was involved was effective in indirectly enhancing my individual performance. The team helped develop me professionally in ways that allowed me to be more successful as a salesperson by developing my knowledge in key areas. The team also developed me personally in a manner that encouraged me emotionally and increased my self-confidence.