The Professional Sometimes non-verbal communication is the most precious and understanding way of communicating with other people. There are so many different ways of telling a person whats on your mind and what your needs are as a personality figure. In The Professional Matilda was a very intelligent girl with excessive amounts of charisma to offer anyone who needed it. On the other hand there was the hitman who lacked life in his personality but had so much love deep inside of him to spill. These attributes about each other is what formed the basis of their relationship. Matilda was in need of protection at first and then Leon became the friend / father figure for Matilda.

It was almost as if Leon only had a speck of love and caring left in his lifeless heart and when he used it on Matilda by letting her in his apartment Matilda took that speck and opened it up for the rest of the love to be poured out. The strong points about Matilda such as that young heart which portrayed fun aspects was exactly what Matilda needed to get through to Leon. Her social awareness and ability to talk to strangers was also a good learning experience for Leon to improve his communication skills. Leon on the other hand gave Matilda inner strength that enabled her to be a very strong-hearted woman. I say woman because that is what she became after the training process and at the very end after Leon gave his life for hers, she enrolled her self back into the Spencer Private school. That is the result of Leons impact he had on Matilda by giving her that strong will and power to live her life to the fullest.

Matilda gave Leon a sense of self worth more than just the Whitman he was, she taught him how to read and how to get humorous with his life instead of being a fulltime hitman always on the look out for danger. Leon said it himself at the end before he put Matilda down the inside of the wall, he said you gave me life now its time to live yours. This quote pretty much summed up the entire relationship between the two. Matilda had very good communication skills that really had little weaknesses, which would be brought about through maturity. Such as the time she lied to her principal and then later on told the exact truth.

This is a result of Leons impact on her maturity level from girl to women. Leons communication skills were rather weak at the beginning of the movie but gradually came about but only with Matilda and a little with Tony. Like the time he asked Tony about his death and concern for Matildas well being after his death. And the many times he opened up his humor side to Matilda and later told her how much she meant to him. This was all a direct result of Matildas Impact she had upon Leon. She brought her strong skills, which were his weak skills, and he learned from them.

He brought his strong skills, which were her weaknesses, and she learned from them. They brought peace to each other and comfort that created an everlasting love and understanding for each other. That is what made this movie so special. THE PROFESSIONAL.