Student grants In America there is a system for the student grants. They cover the full costs of a study at higher education. In Holland there is not such a system. Of course there are certain limited student grants but they do not cover the full expenses of an education. It would be an improvement for the school system and the economy of this country to hand out such scholarships. At first by handing out such grants you give everyone the chance to study at a higher education society.

You will cause this because not everyone who wants to study has the budget to finance these high costing forms of education. And it's not more then fair to give everyone the same chances in life. It should not be possible in a western rich country like this that someone is to poor to be able to study and learn a profession. Everyone should have equal rights. Another argument that supports the handing out of such grants is the financial wall. Many people who want to study don't.

They have the financial resources for it but they are hold back because they don't want to spend this much money on education. And it's not only that they don't want to pay but also they should hold back other things that cost money and they are not willing to hold back because of a study. They will study if you break down this wall. It's also in favour of the country when you have such a policy. Everyone will have the possibility to study and therefore probably a higher percentage of the population will. In the future this will bring down unemployment, because the ones that have an education thanks to these grants will have the possibilities to apply for jobs.

The unemployment in jobs where higher education is requested will. Also been brought down in a certain amount of tome because the study possibilities, which are now, open for everyone. Student grants also have disadvantages. When everyone has a high education it might come out in the future that they are overqualified for the jobs where there is not a higher education needed for. So there would be unemployment in the lower education jobs in the future It will also cost a lot of money for the government. If they put this much money in education the money for other purposes must be reduced like health, environment and safety.

This will not be good for the sake of the people that live in Holland and will eventually hold back the progress in health possibilities because there is no money to invest in new projects. In conclusion I plea for handing out these scholarships to students. But only to students who don't have the money to pay for these forms of higher education. The other people will have to choose, so it's not like you make studying free but will give everyone the possibility to study. I think that eventually it will be in favour of the Dutch economy with, which we all have to deal..