"The Cask of Amontillado" and "A Rose for Emily" have many important similarities as well as many differences. While both stories are gothic horror tales that end in murder. "The Cask of Amontillado" implies foul play from the very beginning while "A Rose for Emily" surprises us with the grotesque details at the end of the story. Edgar Allan Poe uses vivid images to make the horrific situation very realistic to reader. Montresor must have revenge without getting caught otherwise there will be no pleasure in it.

While Fortunato does not suspect Montresor wishes him harm, it is ironic that what Fortunato cherishes most, his knowledge of fine wine, Is what ultimately leads to his own demise. Unlike Montresor, Rose did not fit the likely stereotype of a vengeful killer. She is perceived as desperately trying to play the part of a "southern lady" while the rest of the town considers her a freaky spinster. Only at the end of the story is the true nature of her character revealed. Like, Montresor she could not live with the fact that she was about to be disrespected.

She took matters into her own hands and forced her lover to stay by her side, forever. Since she had committed her life to this man she felt it was his duty to commit to her. The Count of Monte Cristo is the story of young sailor named Edmond Dantes. In the beginning of the story, Edmond meets his father and is anxious to see his love of his life named Mercedes.

But another man loves Mercedes. His name is Fernand. But Mercedes loves Edmond. Edmond and Mercedes get married on a wonderful day, but little does Edmond know that hid wonderful day will turn into a nightmare. On the day of his wedding, he got arrested. The police thought that he was a spy.

He gets locked up in the Chateau d ' if. In the middle of the story, he meets a prisoner named Faria. They both become friends. Faria was becoming i ller everyday, so he told Edmond a secret. A secret that would change Edmond life. Before Farina died, he told Edmond that there was a treasure on an island called Monte Cristo.

Edmond wanted the treasure so badly that he escaped from the Chateau d 'if. When he arrived at Monte Cristo, he got all the treasure. Then he started to think the reason why he got locked up because he had enemies, and his plan for revenge. During the end, since he had all that treasure he transformed himself into The Count of Monte Cristo.

He fooled his enemies thinking that he was a banker. His plan was to kill all his enemies, but he needed help from friends. One by one his enemies were killed by force. One of his friends were wounded and died. But there was one enemies wasn't killed but was sent to jail. At the end, he defeated his enemies and saw his love of life again.

He wrote a letter to his caption's son saying that The Count of Monte Cristo was indeed Edmond Dantes. When his friend finished reading the letter, he looked up and The Count of Monte Cristo disappeared. That was the end of The Count of Monte Cristo. In the beginning, I felt happy and sad. I felt happy when Edmond and Mercedes were getting married.

I felt sad when Edmond got arrested while he was getting married and was locked up for 35 years. In the middle, I felt surprised when the prisoner said to Edmond that there was treasure on an island called Monte Cristo. At the end, I felt grossed out and surprised. I felt grossed put when The Count of Monte Cristo was killing his enemies. I felt surprised when The Count of Monte Cristo disappeared into the air.

This was an exciting adventure story from beginning to end.