Presented by: He bah Med hat Mohammed Shaaban Mona Sayed Index Topic Page Number Acknowledgment 3 Introduction 4-5 Tools Used To Build The Site 6 References 6 Database 7-16 Designing The Pages 17-32 Points Of Consideration 33 Conclusion 34 Acknowledgment We are grateful to the many people who helped us with this project in one way or another, we would like to acknowledge all these who offered constructive comments and ideas. These include: 1. Mr. Abdel Me geed (Inform Manager) 2. Mr.

Same Farouk (Project Supervisor) 3. Mr. Mohammed Abdel Money (Coordinator) 4. Dr.

Haitham Hana fy (Assistant Executive Manager at The Egyptian Kuwaiti Securities Brokerage) Last but not least we gratefully acknowledge our parents for their constant encouragement through all the phases of our project. Introduction The main idea that we wanted to present by accomplishing the e-Broker site was to make a site specialized in the brokerage services aimed for beginners or experienced individuals. The site is divided up into two parts; the first part includes the following: . General information about the Egyptian stock market... The privatization program.

General Info about all sectors of investment in the stock market. Registration Form The second part of the site is only available to users who are registered within the site no fees for exchange, which means that our services are free of charge, but the whole point of making the services unavailable to unregistered users, is to collect data about these users who are interested in our services, their geographical background and everything that can tell us why they are interested in our site. The services provided in the second part of the site are: . Sector Search: users can search for any sector that they are interested in investing at, in each sector there are a list of all the companies listed with in this sector... Company Search: users can search for a particular company that they are interested in investing at, and all auxiliary information e. g.

(Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Financial Performance, Stock Performance, Cash Flow Statement, Company Profile) will be provided about this particular company the users have searched for... Stock Search: users can search for a specific stock using its Reuter code, the following data will be given to the user (Last G. A Date, Par Value, Date Offered, F. Y End). Comparison: This is the service that is considered new to all present sites that exist on the Egyptian market, this service enables the users to compare between two companies if they are hesitant about investing on each one of them, our comparison is based on facts and numbers and not tips... Wap (Wireless Application Protocol): Another new service that has been included on the site to compete with the latest trends of technology is the ability to access the site via the mobile phones.

Tools Used to Build This Site: . Access Database. Front Page for the Design of Pages. Active Server Pages (ASP). Nokia 6210 Simulator. Nokia WAP Toolkit References: .

web >. Kompass. web >. web > Phase one Creating the Database In order to create the database we had to know the entities that we have in hand and the kind of relationship that they will have with each other. Identify the primary key to ensure data integrity. The following Illustrates the Database schema: .

All the bold fields are the primary keys of each table. The following diagrams will represent each table with its fields and it's properties: Balance Sheet Table Field Name Data Type BLN CID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text FXDASTS Text CONST Text LNG INVT Text INVARS Text DARTS Text SHRTINVST Text CSHBNK Text T CASTS Text PROV Text ST DBT Text OCR D Text TCURLBLT Text WRKGCAPT Text INVT FINAN Text PCP T Text RSVRETERNGS Text TSTCKHEQUITY Text LTRMDBT Text T INST Text Company Profile Field Name Data type CMP NAME Text CMP ADDRESS Text CMP EMPLOYS Text CMPHISTRY Memo SECTORID Number CMP CHAIRMAN Text CMP ACTIVITY Memo CMPSUBRS Memo CMPLGFRM Memo CMPID AutoNumber Cash Flow Statement Field Name Data type CSHFLWID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text NCSHFRMOPS Text NCSHFRMINST Text NCSHFRMFINAN Text NINCCSH Text CSHBIGNYR Text CSHENDYR Text Financial Performance Field Name Data type FINPERFID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text DPS Text DIVGRWTH Text DIV YLD Text DIV PO Text EPS Text PERATIO Text PRICEBOKVALUE Text SALSGROS Text NETEARNGGROS Text FINLVG Text ROE Text CRT RATIO Text Income Statement Field Name Data type INCMSTATID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text NET SLS Text O COSTS Text GRSPRFT Text AGE XP Text FINE XP Text PROV Text TLE XP Text INVTINCM Text INT INC Text OR EV Text TREV Text NTOP RFT Text NTEXPLOS Text OREVGNS Text PRFTBFRTXS Text TXS Text NTPRFTAFTTXS Text Sector Field Name Data Type SECTORID AutoNumber NAME Text STATUS Text URL Text Stock Performance Field Name Data Type STCKPERFID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text STCKID Number MARKET CAP Text SHRSLSTD Text SHR SOUT Text SHRSTRD Text TRD VALUE Text NOOF TRANS Text Y CLOSE Text Y HIGH Text FLOW Text Stock Field Name Data Type STCKID AutoNumber REUTER Text CMPID Number LASTGADATE Date/Time PAR VALUE Text DATE OFFERED Text FY END Text SWIFT Text Users Field Name Data Type USERNAME Text USR PASS Text FST NAME Text LST NAME Text TITLE Text AGE Text GENDER Text MOB NO Text CNCTTEL Text FAX Text EMAIL Text INDUSTRY Text OCCUPATION Text ADDRESS Text ID AutoNumber Bank Balance Sheet Field Name Data Type BBALNCEID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text CASH DUEL Text T BILLS Text TIN VST Text LOANS OVR Text NT INST Text OD ASSETS Text FXDASSETS Text TASSETS Text DTBNKS Text CDEP STS Text OC PROV Text LTD Text TLIABLITIES Text PAIDCPTL Text RREARNGS Text STCKHLDS Text CONRAACCT Text Bank Financial Performance Field Name Data Type BFINANID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text DPS Text DVDGRWTH Text DVD YIELD Text DVD PAY Text INTEREST Text PFTGWTH Text ROE Text ROA Text EPS Text PERATIO Text PRICE BOOK Text TOTALLY Text TOTAL PL Text TIER 1 Text Bank Income Statement Field Name Data Type BINCOMESTMTID AutoNumber CMPID Number YEAR Text IE LOANS Text IE BILLS Text IE PAID Text NET INT Text FEES COM Text STCKDIV Text INVTSLSGNS Text FGNEXEGNS Text OIN CME Text NETOINCME Text ADMINGNRLEXP Text PROV Text ACT GNS Text OWNS Text NTPFTTXS Text TXS Text NTPFTAFTTXS Text Phase Two Designing the Pages In this part I will insert an image of each page / screen that performs a certain task on the site, explaining it's functionality and the script used to achieve this. As explained earlier the site contains two sections, one that can be previewed by everyone, and the second part for the registered users. Page Displayed For Everyone: notice that there is only one tab Page Displayed For Registered Users: notice that there are two tabs Online Services Search The Sector Search Page: Notes: This page will only be displayed for the registered users Script Used: Sector Search Sector Search Criteria Enter Sector Name: The Company Search Page: Script Used: Company Search Select Search Criteria: Company Sector: Choose a sector Company Name: Stock Reuter Code: The Stock Search Page: Script Used: Stock Search Select Search Criteria: Sector: Choose a sector Company Name: Stock Reuter Code: Comparison The Compare Company Page: Script Used: function doSub () { if (document. form 1. CMPA.

value = = "0") { alert ("Please Choose Company A"); return; } else if (document. form 1. CMPB. value = = "0") { alert ("Please Choose Company B"); return; } else if (document. form 1. CHOICE.

value = = "0") { alert ("Please Choose A Criteria"); return; } else if (document. form 1. YEAR. value = = "0") { alert ("Please Choose Year"); return; } else { document. form 1.

action = "result. asp"; document. form 1. submit (); } } Compare Companies Company A Company B Criteria: Cash Flow Statement Stock Performance Financial Performance Income Statement Balance Sheet Year: The Compare Stocks Page: Script Used: Compare Stocks function doSub () { var test = "false"; if ( (document. form 1. STOCK.

value = = "0") || (document. form 1. STOCK. value = = "0") ) { test = "false"; } else { test = "true"; } if (test = = "false") { if ( (document. form 1. CMPA.

value = = "0") || (document. form 1. CMPB. value = = "0") ) { test = "false"; } else { test = "true"; } } if (test = = "true") { document. form 1. action = "result 1.

asp"; document. form 1. submit (); } else { alert ("Please choose at criteria"); } } Compare by Company A Company B OR Reuter Code Stock A Stock B Points of considerations Because the site has not been published, the WAP services will be displayed via the Nokia Tool Kit along with the coordinator. At the time of the presentation we will elaborate all necessary information about this service. Conclusion To conclude this documentation we will summarize the points discussed in this documentation.

SS Introduction SS Designing the Database SS Designing the Pages.