Why it is important to you to be able to write good reports? Writing business documents is more than putting words on paper. It is a final stage in the complex process of communicating that begins with "thinking." It is very important to me to be able to write good reports because in my opinion academicians and business people view writing skills as very crucial. Writing skills can be the ticket to a better job and successful career. In a labor force full of ordinary writers, someone who writes well and knows how to write business reports is bound to stand out and succeed. I believe that creating written documents reveals my business skills and my personality. My writing tells the reader about my educational background, pride in my work, and business expertise.

The emergence of the paperless office, e-mail, the Internet and web pages only increases the power of the written word. Any company with employees who can write clear and concise reports has a competitive edge over others who are still struggling to communicate. In this day of computers with spell and grammar check, it is so easy to let business writing skills lapse. However, by taking business writing classes each student should take advantage of learning how to write business reports so the reader can get as much of the information from reports as possible. In addition, writing reports helps to keep writing simple and current. Reports play a major role among written communications.

In addition, reports are vital in today's business operations; therefore, knowing how to write reports for our executives is very crucial because in a business environment communication often needs to be done in writing. Does a person who conducts a one-person business need to know how to write a report for business purposes? A 10-person business? Fifty? One hundred? In my opinion, every person should know how to write reports regardless of a company size. In fact, it is unlikely that any modern organization of size could function without using reports. Almost all organizations use them - businesses, government agencies, civic groups. Thus, the ability to write good reports and other business papers is pre-requisite to the business and personal advancement either if person conducts a one-person business, 10-person business or over one hundred. In any business, there is always a need to write reports that present current facts and business purposes..