Argument Essay Are computers essential in modern everyday life. Gareth D. In today's society some people use computers as an essential component in their everyday life. It is with new technology, that people's daily routines are becoming faster and easier.

For the purpose of this essay, the term "essential" can be defined as the need to use computers for a more efficient lifestyle. This essay will discuss the following arguments in support of the issue; communication, transport control and safety. Firstly, it could be argued that when it comes to communication and the advancements in computer utility within the industry, people are becoming too independent on computers a less active. For example, simply clicking a button on a computer rather than sending it traditionally via a post office can now send mail. Although there is a degree of dependence on a computer, it does support the idea that it is time efficient, especially if sending important documentation such as a fugitive's identification to another city, state or country.

In addition, although there is a risk of interception of mail on the Internet or a computer malfunction, by the time the same letter could reach its destination, another email could be sent from another computer within minutes. Other sources of communication other than email is faxing machines and cellular phones although are interconnected to a computer are time efficient. Secondly, as city populations increase, the need for transport control becomes essential. Although some cities are not dependent on transportation, the cities that are need some form of traffic system. For example, traffic lights control the flow of traffic in and out of cities as well as the surrounding areas such as suburbs. The use of a computer which controls the lights has enabled heavy traffic flows to move steadily at times where vehicle usage is excessive such as the end of a working day.

This use of computers therefore is essential and beneficial for everybody. Also, police officers no longer need to control traffic with a glove and whistle and attend to more important matters. Lastly, "Safety" could be said is the most important factor in the majority of people's lives. Like the previous two points, computers also have become an essential part in this modern world. An example is the interaction with computers and alarm systems. In this modern world, homes, factories and businesses can be monitored twenty fours hours a day to help prevent crimes such as theft, trespassing and even worst case scenarios such as murder occurring.

The invention of heat, movement and pressure sensors connected to a main computer at a Security firm has decreased the crime rate. Again there is the possibility of computer errors but it could be said that false alarms is a small price to pay than theft of possessions or even a human life. In conclusion, it can be seen from the above arguments, still, there are people in society that find computers essential in modern everyday life. However, others may believe that traditional ways of life have worked in the past and will work in the future. Although all of the above arguments are relevant, the most significant may be safety due to the rise in crime; the personal assurance of one's possession, themselves and others. No matte what the different opinions in society are, computers are becoming a way of life and soon everything may be run for people and not by people..