Hinkle F inkle D inkle Do. There was an old man in a shoe. I am captain ahab. dont eat my cockroach, ahab! It was the best of essays, it was the worst of essays. Fight the system. Eat the system.

Smell the system. Dont drugs do. I am sam-i-am. You are am-you-sam. has it been two hundred words yet? not quite.

i am a fish. you are a fish. Slartibartfast rules. Dont eat yellow snow. Dont eat brown snow. Dont make snow yellow or brown.

N arf! The road the hell is paved with good intentions, a wise Marx once said. Who are you to not be marx? I want to get an essay! ahoy, matey! The quick brown fox is but is not also the word bird not for is an a monkeypot doctor phil mega monkey eat the apple not the pair simpsons seinfeld frasier crap on a stick and call it edna television. I'm a yankee spanky wank y f lanky doodle dandy and you are not you dirty dishrag you i hope i'm almost done. hurrah, the end is nigh, and so am i, so i must tell you a fond goodbye.

tra la la. dont eat the soup. ding ding ding, who is a ding? i am not, and you are snot. down with the king, and his tiny little thing... wingdings is a neato font. dont cracks smoke.

dont crack look. star wars is cool. i am obi-wan kenobi. now the student has become the master.

my name is inigo montoya. you kill my father. prepare to die.