Artificial Intelligence System in CG Computers As we can see that CG Computers does not implement Artificial Intelligence. However, CG Computers might consider implement Artificial Intelligence in the company as Artificial Intelligence could bring positive effects to the company. Basically Artificial Intelligent is a computer system that displays "intelligent behavior." In other words, the computer system could function as another human expert which can assist the managers in their daily works. Artificial Intelligence could help the manager of CG Computers to handle complex situation that might occur from time to time.

For instances in facing large market and great competitors, Artificial Intelligence can assist the manager of CG Computers in setting the strategic goal of the company and the planning to compete and outclass other competitors. Besides that, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to determine what is important and what is not. Sometimes we just have to handle a lot of facts and data which some of them might be irrelevant or undesired. In this case, Artificial Intelligence could help manager of CG Computers to filter the unnecessary data or information and determine what is important and what is not. Knowing what is important and what is not is very crucial in making all the decisions in a company.

One of the most crucial role could be played by A. I. is to help CG computers out of predicament especially when the company is at risk of making loss with the entrance of new competitor in the marketplace. This is a situation, whereby Artificial Intelligence could react quickly and correctly by helping CG computer to plan new strategy in order to maintain the benefits of the company. Furthermore, even without complete information, Artificial Intelligence would still be able to help CG Computers to make important calculations, comparisons and solve problems that might arise in daily work. This is because Artificial Intelligence has the ability to develop a solution for problems that might occur (even if there is some missing information) by using probability, heuristic and some guessing.

With its outstanding characteristics one of which is the ability to learn from past mistakes and making use of it to gain more knowledge, allows Artificial Intelligence to make improvement in future development. Thus, this reduces unnecessary loss of CG Computers as it is able to prevent the same mistake to occur again.