compare and contrast crucible and to my dear and loving husband. In our society many women tend to have different views and feelings upon their husbands. In the play "The Crucible", Elizabeth Proctor showed her care and love for her husband although she carried suspicion at the beginning. In the poem, "To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet, she uses different kinds of words to express her eternal love she had toward her husband. Elizabeth proves to be a wife that respects and loves her husband. The arguments presented between the husband and wife seems intensive, but this was a mean to show how much Elizabeth loved her husband.

Arthur Miller uses the characterization of Elizabeth shown in Act II to illustrate how she cared for her husband. Even though her questioning seems to bring up arguments, John Proctor also has his own faults; adultery. Her suspicion toward her husband was created to symbolize how she intended to snatch John Proctor back to her side. Although she realize that her husband already has an affair with Abigail, she insisted to forgive him and tries to get his husband's heart back to her. At the end of the act during her seizure, Elizabeth says "I will fear nothing." During this moment it can be seen that Elizabeth is innocently accused by Abigail. Even though she was feared, she relieves her husband telling him that she will not fear anything.

It was to keep her husband temper and anger from raging. We can all see how loving Elizabeth is to her husband. In the poem Anne Bradstreet uses different ways into transporting the idea of everlasting love she had with her husband. This poem not only reviews her love, but it also praise her husband.

The idea of everlasting love until and beyond death is not only the will of Anne Bradstreet but was theme in this poetry. The structure of this poem was laid in a way such that it can be easily seen how the poet loved her husband. In line 5, she uses a metaphor to illustrate that the love she held was priceless. Later in line 9, she includes that her husband love for her was no way she could repay.

This portrays how Anne views her husband as of loving her the same way she does. She tends to end the poem, maximizing the point that their love will live forever. The scene and the poem both consisted similar views and feelings toward their husband. Although their was no suspicion in the poem toward the husband, both work seem to allege that their husband was their love one. Especially the way how the poem uses figurative language such as metaphors throughout the poetry. Even though there was a buffer between Elizabeth and John during the beginning of the play, at the end, both couples seem to have a strong bond.

Although these two works were in different genres, the characteristics of the women portray by both writers brought massive feelings of love toward their husband.