Technology in computers is moving in new directions for the future. Computers are constantly changing and improving and there are many visions for the future of computers. Intel's technology visions One movement is toward wireless network technologies. This technology will allow home computers to control all electronics in the home, like the TV, coffee pot, security system and much more. Allowing the home PC to become the main control point for all electronics in a home aids in convenience for families.

It also allows you to set times and tell the computer when you want something ready or turned on etc... Changes will also occur with the new PC's sold next year. The basic design of the PC will center around its ability to talk to other devices. It is foreseen that future computers will be a homes main source for their collection of videos and music. Intel is working toward building a computer that will stream video from the computer to the TV and music from the computer to a stereo. Intel's research revealed that many people are in need a second screen for their home PC's.

The TV will become the source of this second PC screen in the future. The TV will be a screen that can show edited video, slideshows of still images or movies. Since, this move in technology takes a great deal of processing power Intel is pushing the possibility for hyper- threading technology to become standard in all home PCs. This technology allows a computer to perform multiple tasks quickly and effectively in one chip compared to two. Scientists technology vision There are also other visions by scientist that look far into the future of computers and technology. The American Association for the Advancement of Science envisions the idea that future computers will not be built by factory machines, but by living cells such as bacteria.

They believe that this step will be necessary in the future if technology continues to move forward making electronic devices smaller and smaller. TABLE: Intel's vision Scientist vision Year 2004 Sometime in the future, 3-? Years Technology Hyper-threading technology and computers that control all electronics in a home. Idea of using living cells to make computer smaller. Index Intel's technology visions, 1 Scientists technology vision, 2.