The Connection Game Objective: The objective of this game is to get connected, like a bridge. Direction: Make one person stand alone with there arms up, like an Egyptian. The next person then needs to without touching the ground use the person's feet to get to the other side of the person (stepping only on their feet and not the ground). Then once the person gets on the other side of the person, step on the ground, and connect your hands with that person, side by side, and then the bridge will begin to form.

Once the bridge has been formed by everyone the game is officially over. How to Create a Mask 1. Open your folder and go to bitmap stuff then the masking 1 folder and choose sample. jpg 2. Use the rectangle tool to make a square and make it the same as the settings below... 3.

Set the fill of the square to linear, black and white like this... 4. Then select both things by hitting control a 5. Go to Modify, Mask, Group as Mask and then you are finished and it should look like this... 1. Draw a shape.

2. Pick a point on the timeline and right click on it. A menu will come up click on the button that says create keyframe. 3. After that create another shape that you want the first one to change into. 4.

Then click on your first keyframe on the timeline and go to the property inspector and click on the little arrow pointing down by the word tween. 5. After you do that a little menu will come up with two options on it motion and shape.