Automation plays a vital role in our daily lives both in a positive & in a negative manner. In my view automation has done more good than harm to us. Automation has made humans a little dependent on it but it is continually improving our lives. First of all, I believe that digital technology has made information accessible to the whole world. For example, on internet a person can search for any information and rest assure he / she will get the information in a click of a second. Secondly, computer automation has brought our beloved ones who are staying far away closer to us.

For example, by internet telephony & web cameras we can keep in touch with them. Automation has helped us in several other fields as well like medicine, movies, fashion, jewelry designing etcetera. Day by day due to automation medicines are getting better. Movies like Titanic, the mega blockbuster was made with the help of digital animation. Fashion designers & jewelers can design their art on computers and can do wonders with their designs. However, too much dependence on automation has diminished the quality time that we use to spend with our family.

Nowadays, we are busy watching T. V. or surfing on the net rather than spending time with parents or relatives. In spite of this, automation has helped millions of people in various different ways. In national security automation plays a major role. In conclusion, due to automation so many lives are being saved.

The sophisticated machines are able to predict natural calamities like floods or volcanic explosions in advance thereby saving lives of millions of people. Hence, automation has and will continually help us to improve our lives.