The article's issue - Thor Larholm condemns that the severity of the recently discovered vulnerability of IE is not just "moderate" as Microsoft stated. In my opinion, I believe in Larholm that the Microsoft is just trying to downplay the issue by rating IE's vulnerability as just "moderate." After all, Microsoft is "Microsoft." It will take much from their reputation being the computing leader if they will rate the severity of IE's vulnerability with more than just a "moderate." Larholm is right when he said that user's data security is not just a moderately severe issue. Otherwise, it will be a threat to many Internet users if their data are not secured and not taken seriously by Microsoft. Also, if this will always be the case, Microsoft as well will no longer be taken seriously by its customers and this may be a pitfall for Microsoft. IE, in fact, is not just the first Microsoft product that encountered the issue of vulnerability.

There were many others such as Windows XP that could allow hackers to take control of a PC through the Internet. Or the Windows 2000's Internet Information Server for Web Traffic that has been the Typhoid Mary of both Code Red and Nimda. For the past few years, Microsoft has been introducing new products one after another. Their new products always give enthusiasm to customers worldwide, whether technical or non-technical customers. However, this good business decision of producing new products turns into bad security decision for customers. Obviously, with all the flaws coming out of Microsoft products, it seems that Microsoft focus on stuffing new features into its product without taking much account of care in the security of their customers' data.

Microsoft must do their best in assuring that no more data-concerning flaws will come out of their products to come, because their business is all about computing and computing is all about data.