2. Terms of Reference I've discussed with Lee Ann Murray about this report and she was agreed with me to work on the Computer Operating System. The report was required for submission on 24 September 2003. 3.

Procedure 3. 1 The project was discussed and agreed with the teacher. 3. 2 This project is about Computer Operating System.

Many features are discussed in this report about this system. 3. 3 I got information from books from the library. 3. 4 Information was also obtained from the internet. I searched many web sites about computer systems.

3. 5 In this report there are all features are discussed about Operating system. 3. 6 How many kinds operating system has. 4. Findings Research from Internet.

4. 1 What does Operating System do I've been through so many websites on Internet and I've got lots of information about Computer Operating System. As I said earlier that an Operating System is the most important program on computer. The computer cannot function without it. An Operating System is the interpreter between user and the computer.

This system translates user's commands into the computer language so computer can understand. It is the first software we see when we turn on the computer, and the last software we see when the computer is turned off. There are so many kinds of this system like Windows 2000, Apple Computer, IBM Crop, e. g. 4. 2 Types of Operating System 4.

2. 1 G U I. There are so many types of Computer Operating System and one of them is called GUI, Short of Graphical User Interface. It use icons and menus to carry out commends such as opening files, deleted files, moving files etc.

it often operated by mouse. 4. 2. 2 Multi User Operating System An other type of this system is called Multi User Operating System.

A multi-user computer system lets more than one user access the computer system at one time. It works through networking. Linx, Unix and windows 2000 are the examples of multi user operating system. 4. 2. 3 Multi-Tasking Operating System A multi-tasking operating system provides the ability to run more than one program at once.

For example, a user could be running a word processing package, printing a document, copying files etc. 4. 2. 4 Single User Operating System In this type only one user can operate one computer. You can write documents, or you can perform some tasks through this system. Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 2000 are single user operating systems.

Other research I've got some material form library books as well. There are lots of opportunities to research about operating system. I found some information about various parts of an operating system like which parts of the operating system that is responsible for running programs, called the real-time executive or kernel. Every computer has a large amount of data and millions of lines of instructions which has been written by programmers. For the operating system they have made so many modules, each module responsible for one function. Kernel, Process manager, Scheduler are some of examples of various parts.

5. Conclusions An Operating System is a very important program in every computer. Computers can't work without this program. With the help of operating system we can connect so many computers with each other. So we can send our data from one computer to another. According to my research nobody can't say that an operating system is nothing for computer.

It has lots of thing to describe about operating system but I can't discuss all of those. In the pas the operating systems were different from todays. The operating systems we are using these days are very accurate and fast.