The twentieth century has witnessed a great number of fascinating and amazing changes among which, I believe, the internet technology is the one that should be remembered because it has created not only a rapid and affordable form of communication but also a valuable method for allowing better access to information. Generally speaking, the internet has improved communication in the twentieth century tremendously. The wide use of email is a good case in point, which is an excellent and efficient way to keep friends, coworkers or family members in touch. Before the existence of the internet and email, most people have to mail their letters through post office, which is slow and costly, especially when the cities are far apart in distance.

With email, however, one can received his or her letters almost as soon as they are sent out. I myself am a heavy user of email and I really appreciate the convenience it brings to me. Because it makes it possible that I write to my parents and friends at homeland everyday even though I am now living far away from my native country. Furthermore, the internet is responsible for quicker and easier access to information. Firstly, one can almost gain all kinds of information online today, such as weather forecast, movie reviews or cooking recipes and so on. Secondly, we don't have to wait for television news or read newspaper once a day for international news because we can read latest news and top stories on internet whenever we want to.

Last but not least, for our students, we can easily get the information of almost every school all around the world by visiting the website of that school. The twentieth century is the information era as the result of the increasing important role played by information in current daily life, which makes the internet become more and more indispensable. In sum, the internet is one of the most significant changes in the twentieth century because it has vastly improved our abilities to communicate and to gather information. Actually, the advantages that the internet brings to us are far more than these two I have mentioned above and I believe we will gain more and more benefits from the internet with the further maturity and development of the internet technology.