In relation to Information Systems, especially management, the name Paul A. Strassmann is well known. His fields of study include an engineering degree from the Cooper Union in New York, and a Master's degree in industrial management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Ma. His fields of study stretch far beyond school however. Strassmann has invented new methods for evaluating productivity of computer investments, alongside writing articles on information management and information worker productivity which can be seen in ComputerWorld magazine. When not writing articles pertaining to information technology, Paul A.

Strassmann is also the author of many books. Among his books are Information Payoff: The Transformation of Work in the Electric Age, The business Value of Computers which displays the relationships between a firms profits and IT, The Politics of Information Management which displays how to effectively organize information, The Squandered Computer, Information Politics which displays how to get a better value on IT investments, and the final book I will mention is Information Productivity - Assessing the Information Management Costs of U. S. Industrial Corporations which displays over 1, 500 U.

S. firms and their corresponding ranks on the productivity of information. Paul A. Strassmann is also president of the Information Economic Press, on the board of visitors for School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, and on the board of directors of Meta Software, Aline an and Trio Security corporations.

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