I chose a Computer Science degree Course as I studied Computer Science at A Level and thoroughly enjoyed the course. I believe that I can succeed on this degree course. I learnt the Microsoft Office Suite and am very good in two programming languages. On the A level course, I learnt Pascal but have since taught myself two other languages Java and C++. I have taught myself Java programming in my own time and have become proficient in this.

I especially enjoy designing a program from scratch and testing it and then seeing it compile. I took additional computer courses in Web Page Design and have set up my own web site this can be viewed on www... I worked in a Public Relations Company as an Assistant Programmer helping with the Java Programming and I found this very interesting. Although I was mainly doing testing and working under a Programmer it gave me an understanding of how a computer department operates.

I am very interested in a career as a Programmer as I believe that I have a natural flair for this and enjoy programming very much. I enjoy sport very much and play for my local basketball team. My other interest is running and I am in a local club and we run every weekend. I entered the London Marathon this year and was very pleased to complete the Run. It took me five hours but it was a great experience. I hope to run next year and improve on my time..