Recently I realized I was home less and less and had begun to miss numerous phone calls. I had been debating for months as to whether or not I should get a cellular phone. With much consideration I figured it was high time I broadened my horizons in respect to contemporary technology. I caved and joined the twenty-first century by purchasing my first cellular phone. I found that cellular service offers more than just a phone service.

It offers one viable option for busy people to simplify their lives. That's worth just about any price these days. When I am home I rarely like to answer the telephone. I often would find myself screening my calls through my answering machine.

In doing so, I hoped to discourage those infamous telemarketers from calling back. Therefore, I really didn't use my home phone that much anyway. When I did use my home phone, it was generally a long distance phone call that I had to make. As a result, my phone bills had a tendency to be rather expensive.

Who likes to pay a big phone bill? I now find myself avidly using my cellular phone more frequently than my home phone. Even when I'm home, I still use my cell phone as I have a very attractive cellular plan that saves me a substantial amount of money. My calling plan allows me unlimited time Monday through Friday after 8: 00 pm as well as unlimited weekends. Of course, whenever I was using my phone at home, those were the times that I was doing so. Now it seems like I actually find myself spending more time now on my cellular phone than I ever did before on my home phone. Money definitely talks when it comes to phone bills.

With my cellular phone I have my own virtual phone book available at the touch of a keypad. No more rummaging through numerous paper-thin pages in a book in search of a phone number. Also, I don't have to occupy valuable brain space trying to memorize phone numbers. I just let my cell phone do all the work for me. In my eyes, the push of a button seems far more logical. With all of this in mind, it also lets me be selective as to whom I do and don't want to talk to.

The only people that have my cellular phone number are family members and friends that I've personally given it to. So when my phone rings, the face of the phone conveniently displays my caller's name. At that time, I can decide whether or not to answer the call. If not, I can let my voice mail do the work, or I can quickly silence the call and act like it never rang at all.

With my hectic schedule my cellular phone enables me to manage my time more effectively. I don't have to rush home to receive or make an important phone call. With my cellular phone, I have immediate access to the outside world. My cellular phone has a wide array of uses along with the convenience of it being portable.

It is equipped with a wireless Internet browser as well. This enables me to catch breaking news and events as they happen regardless of where I am. In addition, it also allows me to check emails while I'm on the go. Therefore, I do not have to hurry home and stare at a computer screen for hours while opening websites to communicate with others on the information superhighway.

In today's fast-paced world, the options and conveniences of cellular phones are too much for most Americans to sneeze at. Fortunately, I took the plunge and bought a cellular phone. It definitely has been an eye-opening experience for me so far. It's hard to believe something so small can simplify one's life in the way that cellular phones do.

I love having my cellular phone, and I.