DESIGN MANAGEMENT Questions Comments 1. Overall Management 11 What are the responsibilities from a design and development point of view? 12 Do there exist any procedures and any working instructions to control and check the design engineering (held up to date)? 13 Are some studies sub-contracted? If so, who is responsible? How is the follow-up ensured? 14 Which documents (including Software tools) are linked with the quality? 15 Are the techniques of functional analysis, the FMEA and the value analysis used? 16 How many people is assigned on design and development activities (including verification, documentation)? 17 What is the budget of the engineering department? Versus the turnover of the company? 18 What is the budget of training? 2. Project Managment 21 Does there exist for each activity of design and development (prospect ion, orientation design, development) plans which describe these activities, identify the responsibilities and give the expires of them? 22 Are the relations between the various groups taking part in the same project defined (as well as the communication flow)? 23 How are these plans updated progressively with the evolution of the project? 24 Are the reviews of design planned? 25 Is there any minutes available at the end of each design review with: the status of the projects, the key decisions and the key risks? 26 Is there any database to central ise all the bugs on one project, on all projects? 27 How is the critic ity of bugs defined? Who does participate? 3. Assignment of the activities 31 Are the activities of design and / or development allocated to qualified personnel? 32 How many people is assigned on BIOS development? How many people is assigned on Award Bios, on AMI Bios, on Phoenix Bios? Is there any people from AMI, AWARD, Phoenix working internally? 33 Are the means necessary set up? 34 What is the software tools used for the design (schematics, layout, simulation) of boards? Is there any simulation capabilities? 35 Which Oscilloscopes are available? For each, what is the Bandwith, the max sampling rate? How many? 36 Which logical analyser is used? 37 Is there any Electrical load available? 38 Is there any Thermal meter available? 39 Is there any Frequency counter available? 3 A Is there any other electrical measurement equipment? 3 B How many thermal chamber are available? For each, what are the characteristics? 3 C Is there internally any equipments and human resources to perform EMC tests? Which equipments (spectrum analyser! K)? What is the expertise level of human resources (to run the tests, to identify corrective actions, to establish design rules)? 4. Data input of the design Inputs from the customer 41 Are specifications available for the designers? Inputs from the vendors 42 Are the design guide from the key vendors (CPU and chipset vendors, Microsoft) available? 43 Are datasheet of components available for designers? 44 Based on the several's design guides, is there any procedure to update the design rules? Is it in place and applied? Internals Inputs 45 Is there any EMC design rules available? 46 Are the requirements concerning the department identified and documented? 47 How is it planned to cure the incomplete, ambiguous or conflict requirements? 48 Does anyone ensure itself these data are available, complete and reliable at each phase of the project? 49 Which documents are requested before starting each phase? Are they sufficient? 4 A Based on the quality data (from the production and the field), is there a process to update the design rules? Is it in place and applied? 4 B Is the manufacturing involved in project at the beginning of the project? Do they define design rules with manufacturing constraint? 5. Output data of the design (results of work of each phase) 51 Are these data documented? 52 Are these data expressed in term of: requirements (specification, costs), calculations (reliability, modeling), analyzes (functional), risks (characteristic critical)? 53 Are the criteria of acceptance defined for each phase? 54 Are they compliant with the regulations? 55 How are compared the output data with the input data? 6.

Checking of the design 610 Are the verification tests planned during the design phase design? Applied? Documented? 611 Who does define each test? Who is responsible of tests (skills)? 612 For each type of tests, how are the test results formalised and reported to the designer? 613 Do we ensure ourself with those tests the output data satisfy the data input (and that the result satisfies the customer requirement)? how? 614 Is there any performance measurements and comparison with previous or equivalent products? Which tools are used? 615 Is there any final design validation? Who does make it? Is there a test report available for the customer? Inputs from the customer 620 Is test Plan available? Are the work instruction available and used? 621 Which points are verified? Hardware verification 630 Are the design rules based on the design guide verified? Are the standard like ATX specification checked? 631 are there a mechanical check list, a placement check list, a layout (trace length) check list available? Applied? Is the result recorded? 632 Are the key vendors (CPU, chipset vendors) evolved in the schematics and layout verification? 633 Are requirements verified? 634 Is there a formal design review before each gerber release? Who does attend those reviews? Is it documented? 635 What are the signal integrity measurements? When are they done? 636 How is the VRM design verified? Which tools? 637 Are there any EMC and safety tests performed? When are they done? What are the requirements? 638 Is there a process in place to get EMI certification? Bios verification 640 For motherboard, is BIOS test instruction available? Driver Verification 650 How are the drivers tested? Compatibility 660 Is there any compatibility tests performed with standard components and devices? 661 Are the compatibility tests performed with the components provided? 662 How are managed the components provided? Reliability verification 670 How is the reliability verified (MTBF evaluation)? What is the working instruction? Which Software tools are used? 671 Is there any Power cycling tests? 672 Is there any power consumption measurements? 673 Is there a 4 corner test? Is there any other margin tests? 674 Is there any thermal tests? 675 Which environmental tests (Storage, vibration, drop test) are performed? Which equipment is available internally? Which test is subcontracted? WHQL 680 Is there any HCT test performed? 681 Is there any process in place to verify the compliance with Micorsoft MDA (driver signature, Timing measurements! K)? 7. Modification of the design 71 Is there any procedure to identify the developments documents? Is there any documents to make a follow up of evaluations of the services? 72 Is there any procedure to record the changes, the corrections, the modifications during the development phase? 73 Who approves the modifications (at hardware level, at bios level, at driver level)? 74 Does anyone can find exactly what was modified, why and which took part and approved? BIOS 75 How are record the BIOS modifications?