The system has to be geared towards a particular sector of people. For the Johnson Corporation the most likely users would be professional business people. Users that would be most likely to make use of a live news update system have been decided to be people interested in the upkeep of stocks and shares. A constantly updating news ticker would be very useful to them, as it would allow them to maintain a close watch over their interests. It is fair to assume that professional business people have at least basic computing knowledge if not higher level skills this allows for a fairly detailed and in-depth system, this will therefore not exclude and of the target users. The new update system will be operated in such a way the user will be required to register with the site.

This will include entering name, address, age etc. Not only will this give the company a good idea of what type of people are using their site it will also allow them to specify what areas of interest they wish to receive updates about. For example they may wish to only see news about changes in share prices if this is the case when the user selects this they will then be given the option to select the specific companies shares they wish to receive updates about. In this way each individual user can customize the system to best and most efficiently meet their needs and each time the visit the site they can login and only see news pertinent to them.

Constraints on the system are that while it has to run in the background and not put the user off concentrating on other tasks it also has to attract the user attention when a news update is received. Simplicity is also important in that the system must be easy for the user to use and quick the user does not have time to waste messing around finding the information he or she wants.