Proposal For this essay proposal, I have chosen Software Testing as my topic. In my view, Software testing is a crucial process in developing a software system. Even though it is impossible to eliminate all of the possible error and faults in the system regardless how "sophisticated" and complete the test is. Nevertheless, Software testing can minimize the risk of system failure which cost a lot of time and money after long periods of software development. In this essay, I will discuss levels of testing such as: 1. Unit (module) testing.

2. Integration testing. 3. System testing.

4. Acceptance testing. 5. Regression testing. 6. Stress testing.

Also I will discuss several of unit testing method such as black box or equivalence testing, white box or path testing and state based testing. Which each of them is design to identify fault in parts of the software system (i. e. subsystems and objects). To refer all the theory to the real life situation, I intended to throw a case study of a software system. My intension is to analyze the Testing done by the expert in the real world, so I can figure out whether my understanding of Software testing is in the same track as the real life.

Moreover, if in the case study the system is experiencing a failure, how come there is an error slip off from the test that leads to system failure. Due to under preparation, I haven't found the case study to work with. So I might use the NASA Mars Orbiter Report provided in the SR PM website. Introduction Testing is a process of checking the desire output and the observe output that is produce by a software system or subsystem. From the description above, we realize that testing is an important part of developing a software system. Though through testing we can't fully eliminate all errors and faults of the developed System, we can minimize the risk of system failure.

Software testing needs to be done in several levels, from the lowest level which is unit or module testing all the way to stress testing. And also there are several methods of testing that can be used suited based on the types of system or subsystem. For example black box testing is suitable for checking the functionality of the system. In this essay there will be a case study presented as a reference of how important and how the test is done in the real world. References 1. Brugge Bernd & Du toit Allen.

H, Object-Oriented Software Engineering Conquering Complex and Changing Systems, Prentice Hall 2000. 2. Pele d Doron. A, Software Reliability Methods, Springer-Verlag 2001.