The experts at HayCo Consulting have developed and implemented an automated time collection and processing system for the Lubbock Police Department. The system is currently being marketed as the HayCo Automated Labor Distribution System. A LDS includes a custom touch screen overtime / comp time reporting application and a four-tiered supervisor and administrator client / server interface program. Employee identification options for the input terminal include barcode, magnetic stripe or proximity badge systems. The system has been in place for two years, tracking time and attendance for approximately 440 employees, and has resulted in the elimination of one full time clerical position. Additional interfaces to common municipal enterprise systems (e.

g. J. D. Edwards) are currently in production. Additionally, they have designed and market Bar-Net POS - a touch-screen point of sale system, utilizing relational database technology, specifically designed for the bar and nightclub industry. Bar-Net POS provides all standard POS functionality and reporting and additionally provides closed-loop inventory tracking and sales vs.

usage comparisons for all liquor and draft beer products. They are currently installing a five-station Bar-Net POST system with complete alcohol control system, including a custom touch-screen waitress interface program, integrated credit card processing program and an 802. 11 b wireless LAN, for a new restaurant in Lubbock's Depot District. For clients not utilizing automated product control, they developed a custom program to support the Bar-Net Inventory Service. The program uses an electronic scale, barcode reader and laptop computer to generate ending distilled spirit inventory and usage reports based on a detailed input / output analysis and a database of bottle and product weights. The program has been used in the execution of business analysis consulting contracts with resulting reports being provided to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the State Comptroller of Texas.

Other projects which are currently in progress include Accurack, an automated billiard ball tracking and sales reporting device and Keg Checker, a device to measure the contents of a partially used draft beer keg through a sequence of timed, pressure and CO 2 flow measurements. Accurack was developed through a joint effort between Bar-Net Systems and Texas Tech University Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments.