What is intelligence? Scientists characterize intelligence as the capacity to learn or to understand. Intelligent people can attain information quickly and easily, and they can remember what they have learned. Do humans and animals have the same intelligence? Humans are very intelligent. They are intelligent because they built cities, written books, and even been to the moon.

Human intelligence is within and it's in our nature. Intelligence is innate we are born with it, you either have intelligence or don't but you can have different levels of intelligence. Some may have a low intelligence while others can possess a high intelligence. Intelligence doesn't solely depend on marks at school but rather on the overall ability to decide for oneself solutions to common every day problems that life may bring.

There are eight types of intelligence which, are called logical / mathematical , linguistic, visual / spatial , Kinaesthetic, musical, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Logical / mathematical intelligence is people who are good at math, are logical thinkers, and are rational thinkers. Linguistic intelligence is people who enjoy reading, writing, and listening. They also have a wide vocabulary, and enjoy listening to music. People who have visual / spatial intelligence enjoy doodling, drawing, and have good visual imagination. Kinaesthetic intelligence is that people are very active, enjoys sports activities, and dancing.

Musical intelligence is people that listen to wide range of music, has good sense of rhythm, and sings along with songs. Naturalist intelligence is people who are interested in gardening, and may watch nature programs on television. Interpersonal intelligence is people, who are very people person, enjoys company, and notices people's moods and response to them. Intrapersonal intelligence is, people that are very quiet, prefers to be alone, and sends the vibe of being shy to others.