Anne lived on after her death, and it was not just her memory, it was her spirit. Every time someone reads the book, afterwards they fell a spiritual connection with Anne although she has passed on to a better place. Mrs. Hemphill wrote in the last paragraph of the biog ram "Anne wanted to live on after her death undoubtedly Anne got her greatest wish. For as long as there are people to read her diary, she will, indeed, live on." In addition, that statement is one hundred percent truthful, because when I have children and grandchildren they will also have the privileged to read this profound novel. That one statement really makes you wonder, what was going though Anne's mind at the time.

She would have made a great leader. It is true it's gonna take more then just a few people to stop war. Look at the anti-war rallies that went on in Washington, that involved hundreds upon hundreds of people, and yet that was not enough to stop Bush from declaring war. It will take every single person no matter how small, or weak, to think about what they are really doing, to themselves, the world, and other people. Maybe humankind could learn something from Anne, because I know that for sure I have learned so much from Anne.

I like what Anne has to say in #3 she saying that what's done is done and nothing will bring back the millions of lives that were lost during the Holocaust and the only thing we can do is to prevent another holocaust. No one can form you character except you. You have to make tough decisions, and choose the right path in life.