Although the movies Charly and Flowers for Algernon have many similarities and differences they still carry the same theme. The theme in both movies is that Charlie is retarded so he undergoes an operation to make him smarter. Charlie then reverts back to his original retarded self in the end of each movie. Both movies showed how Charlie had deceiving doctors because they didn't tell Charlie that they knew of the failures of all the other similar experiments. However Charly reacted more calmly to this news in the movie Charly than in the movie Flowers for Algernon. Charly didn't yell at the doctors in front of a large audience as in the movie Flowers for Algernon.

Since the movie Charly was an older movie the doctors smoked, which you wouldn't expect from doctors. Also in the movie Charly, both Charly and Miss Kinnian smoked. On the subject of the doctors, in the movie Charly there were two doctors, Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur, while in the movie Flowers for Algernon there was only one doctor, Dr. Strauss.

Each of the doctors in the movie Charly specialized in one part of Charly's growth after the operation. Dr. Strauss specialized in Charly's emotional growth, while Dr. Nemur specialized in the academic growth of Charly after the operation.

There were similarities in both of the movies also. These similarities include that in both movies Miss Kinnian and Charlie had a thing going on between each other although they expressed it differently in both movies. Another similarity between the two movies is that Algernon died because the operation was not permanent and it caused something to go wrong. Even though there are similarities and differences in between both of the movies Charly and Flowers for Algernon each title fit the movie it went with, which made both of the movies fun to watch.