Comparative Essay Catcher and The Rye: The Cider House Rules Holden and Homer are very alike in many ways, yet are very different in others. Their differences range from their maturity and responsibility, to the way they judge people. On the other hand their similarities vary to from both enjoying helping children, to both not being worldly or experienced. Siting only these examples you can learn a great deal about these two characters.

The greatest difference between Homer and Holden is the way they judge things, mainly people. Holden on one side is very judgmental and usually spots the worst in people or a situation. Whereas, Homer does not really judge people and when he does he try's to see the good in them. Often Holden list and talks about people as "phonies"; he also does not like many of the people he knows and rarely talks about the good qualities in them. Homer on the other hand sees mostly the good in people. He rarely lists a bad quality about anyone he meets.

Even after he finds out raped his own daughter you can still see home see the good in him and grants his final request. In both cases they meet many new people and yet judge them very differently. Another difference is how Homer and Holden vary in their responsibilities. Holden is a very irresponsible and doesn't appear to care about any of his responsibilities. He has already been kicked out of two previous schools, Whoo lom and Elkton Hills, and is getting removed from his current school, Pency.

He has displayed his lack of responsibilities by failing four subjects at Pency and not even caring about his failures. Homer on the other hand has displayed a great deal of responsibility. At the orphanage he has learned the skills of a doctor from Homer takes care of patients and delivers children with great skill. When Homer goes to he gets a job and succeeds at it and pleases everyone he works with. The biggest responsibility Homer has is being a big brother type figure to all the children at the orphanage. Throughout the experiences these two characters have you can see the huge difference in responsibility.

The most distinct similarity between Homer and Holden is how they both have no world experience. Both characters haven't been to a different country or experienced a different culture. Holden has not really gone beyond his schools and never really explored beyond that. He does finally explore on his trip to New York; there he gains a lot of knowledge and experience. Homer has never been beyond his small town where the orphanage is. He knows nothing of the world outside his town and nothing of the people.

Just like Holden's trip to New York Homer finally explores outside when he goes to Both have similar experiences were they learn many things about themselves and how perverse the world is. A second similarity between the two characters is their caring nature for children. Holden expresses how he wishes he could save children from losing their innocence. He shows his caring nature when he becomes distort after reading a rude graffiti message in his sister's school. Homer is the big brother to all the kids at the orphanage and looks-out for them.

But the most distinct example displaying his caring characteristic is at the very end; when he says "good night you king to all the sleeping children. Dr. would say that to all the children before he died so Homer took it upon him self to carry on the tradition which is basically an expression of love for all the children. Therefore, a big similarity between Homer and Holden is their caring nature for children. In conclusion, although the Homer and Holden have very similar experiences they have very different characteristics. Homer has a very judgmental almost pessimistic look on things well Homer is a more relaxed and an optimist.

The responsibility level is very different, Homer being very responsible and mature well Holden being very irresponsible and immature. Although, they do have similarities such as: like their lack of world experience and their caring nature for children. In closing, Homer and Holden are very different in many ways, yet if you look hard enough you can see the similarities.