Pulsar's Quest To Retrieve The Magic Potion This is an adventure about a young boy named Pulsar, who was on a quest to retrieve a magic potion to cure the King's daughter. Legend says an Evil Water God named Aquarius fiercely guards this potion. During Pulsar's quest to trace the magic potion he crosses many life and death situations. In his travels he encounters evil Trolls whom Pulsar has to battle with to the death.

Pulsar also makes friends with a Gnome named Ferr a who decides to help Pulsar on his quest for the Magic Potion. Our Quest begins in Yester the Planet of Yesterday, when our young hero Pulsar receives a letter from his King, which reads as follows, " Dear Pulsar we urgently need your assistance at The Palace as my daughter, Princess Sari is gravely ill. She has been struck down with the deadly Bags Virus, and we fear her time is running out. We have heard of a magic potion that may be able to cure my daughter's illness but to retrieve this magic potion you will encounter many dangerous situations which I am sure you can overcome. If you do accept to carry out this quest and succeed in doing so you will be rewarded with my daughters hand in marriage. Please inform me within the hour if you are willing to carry out this quest." Yours truly, King Lexmark Within the hour Pulsar meets with the King and tells him that he would be honoured to carry out the quest.

King Lexmark gives Pulsar a map in which he can use to find his way to the magic potion. The King then pulls out a magical sword made of solid gold. As King Lexmark gives Pulsar the sword it explodes with light, the sword blazing like fire, lights the palace walls. Suddenly the bright blazing fiery light stops. Pulsar stood in amazement, as he had never seen such power in his life. No longer was he a young boy as the great power of the sword had transformed him into a young worrier of unimaginable power and strengths.

However, the King had one more surprise for Pulsar. He told him that this great power and strength would only last for twenty four hours, how ever if he succeeded in saving the Princess, this magical power would last forever. Without hesitation Pulsar bids the King farewell, mounts his magnificent white stallion called Pegasus and flies off into the distance and begins The Quest.