Movie divided in to many different categories. There are action, adventure, animation, comedy, horror, musical, science fiction, suspense, tragedy, and war movies. Each category is a little different from the other one. To begin with action and war movies have many battles or fights. Some battles are based on World War II or another war. For example, ! SS Saving Private Ryan!" shows a battle during World War II.

! SS Black Hawk Down!" shows a battle in Africa. People call it a military theme action movie. Some films show a fight against terrorists, such as, ! SS True Lies, !" ! S SAir Force One, !" etc. Some action movies have funny stories with Chinese Kung Fu, such as! SSRush Hour!" and! SSRush Hour II.

!" Many people, even myself, like action or war movies because these movies make people feel tense but then relaxed. Music movies have ten songs or more, usually with dancing. The musical also has dialogue. For instance, ! SSThe Sound of Music!" is a very good musical movie.

Some songs of this movie are popular all over the world. Tragic movies describe a terrible thing happening on the earth, like storms, floods, shipwrecks, or earthquakes. Some tragic movies are based on real stories. For example, ! SS Titanic!" shows a terrible shipwreck.

More than two thousand people were dead in the shipwreck. Tragedy movies usually make people feel sad. Horror movies have many scenes where ghosts or huge monsters kill humans. It always makes people feel surprised.

For instance, Jurassic Park shows humans living in the dinosaur world. Or! SSThe Six Sense!" show ghosts and humans living in the same world, communicate with each other. They make the ending surprise you a lot. But some people get scared and don! |t like these movies.