Remember The Titans is a wonderful movie that portrays the importance of teamwork. This movie is not just about a football team but the people who make up the team. They come together as a team to show how people so different can be so similar. The team sets an example for a town and opens a lot of eyes to a new era.

There were some main characters that played very important roles when it comes to bringing the team together. Julius and Gary are two of the strongest characters in this movie. They are very dominant leaders that the rest of the team members look up to. Blue, Louie and Rev also set an example for other team members. They acted a lot like mediators with good attitudes about the integration of black and white.

All team members also respected both of the coaches by the end of the movie. Organizational communication plays a very important part in this movie. There is a lot of downward communication with some upward communication. Peer interaction and peer networks are also present in this movie. These organizational communication concepts will be mentioned in greater detail later on in this paper. In 1971 a Virginia high school integrated.

This integration process caused many problems among students and their parents. It was the beginning of a new school year which means football is starting. With football being the first sport of the season, the success of this team means a great deal to the community. Coach Boone comes to Virginia to become a new football coach. White citizens are very concerned and black citizens show their support. The school board wants Herman Boone to be the new head football coach.

He does not want to accept this job solely on the color of his skin. Herman accepts this job maybe to show how successful he can be. Former white football players do not want to play for a black coach. There is one new white player that does not care who he plays for he just wants to play football. Louie is a strong character in this movie. He was the first white team member to show that he does not care about race.

This meant a lot to both black and white team members. Most of the white players looked down on him and it seamed like most of the black players looked at him as a friend. At this same time it opened both sides eyes up just a little for the very first time. The two strongest characters in this movie are Gary and Julius.

They are leaders for the whole team. Julius and Gary started off on the wrong foot but eventually they became powerful influences for everyone, even the coaches. They act as liaisons in this movie. Gary is not black and Julius is not white but they link both white and black together. They became good friends throughout the movie, which helped other team members to realize that blacks and whites can get along. They were both very strong leaders for all of the players to look up to.

Julius and Gary also showed some horizontal communication flow between each other. They communicated to each other even though it sometimes was competitive. They had their first real conversation during camp about teamwork and each other as individuals, this showed some good communication but also at the same time it was a very competitive conversation. Coach Boone and Coach Yoast were also very dominant characters in this movie. Coach Boone was a very out spoken person.

He wanted things to get done his way and if they were not there was always consequences that followed. Coach Yoast was a more laid back coach than Coach Boone. Team members felt like they could talk to him more as a person rather than a coach. Coach Boone did a lot of downward communication toward his team members and sometimes even to Coach Yoast. Downward communication is when a person above another tells someone beneath them what to do and how to do it. Coach Boone did this throughout the whole movie.

There are sometimes problems with downward communication. The person being talked down to sometimes does not want to listen or gets overloaded with information. A good example of this is when Coach Boone takes Petey out of the game and yells at him and tells him to sit on the bench. Petey gets frustrated and tells Coach Yao st about it.

Petey claims that he can not play for Coach Boone when he is yelling at him all the time. Petey got overwhelmed with all of the yelling that it was affecting the way he played football. Remember The Titans is a movie about people learning to care about one another. It is about looking past the color of a person's skin to see a great personality.

All of these characters played important parts to bring together a community. A football team opened a lot of people's eyes and mind to realize that the color of a person's skin does not matter. All of these characters represented different parts of organizational communication. Julius and Gary were strong leaders not only of a football team but also a whole school and a town.

Coach Boone and Coach Yoast also represented powerful leaders. They grew together as friends on and off the football field. The communities looked up to these people and made them want to be something that they were not.