In the film making business directors and writers use various techniques to manipulate the viewer. Directors and writers use these techniques in order to get a rise out of the viewer. Often times the director will use various types of props, techniques and even actors as he or she sees fit to help bring out their message behind the film. The movie Remember the Titans is a true story about a southern Alabama football team dealing with the struggle of schools segregating in the 1970's. In the movie an all white school was being segregated with an all black school. The name of the school was T.

C. Williams high. The movie centered on blacks and whites trying to get along and become friends thorough the game of football. This was the first school which had become a black and white football team all of the others teams where either all whit or all black. The director uses many techniques to try and persuade the viewer towards his point of view on the subject of segregation. During the film the team is taken to a football camp in Pennsylvania where they will learn to become a team and deal with the pressure of the black and white subject.

While at the camp the coach wakes them up early in the morning to take them to Gettysburg. While there the director puts him in the power position. The power position is usually when the actor is standing on the left and to the top of the screen. The director uses this technique to show the viewer that he has total control of what's going on and he is the one in charge.

Another great example of this technique is when the one of the main characters Gary is in his car and is speeding away from a pep assembly and a truck, which was coming from the left side, hits him. Now the truck was in the power position because it was coming from the left and because of this Gary is paralyzed. The director also likes to use music in times of defeat or times of happiness. He will use different types of music to show the important ness of the scene. For example he might use really fast music to get your hart going for an exciting scene that might be coming up or he might use slow drawn out music to let you know the scene might not be as powerful as the one before it with the fast music.

An example from the movie the best describes this is when the are in the championship football game and they are down by a touchdown and the directors uses really slow music and slow motion animation to get the viewer to focus on what's going on with the slow motion and nothing else. In this scene he also uses the power position technique by having T. C. Williams on the left side in going to the right against the other team. Directors have been using these sorts of techniques for quite some time. They feel it is necessary to do this to keep movies interesting and exciting for the viewer.

As Americans we are always trying to put our two cents worth into things to get our point across and I feel that directors are doing what they do to get there two cents worth without having to speak about it.