Response to "Black Robe" The world views of the French Catholics and the Algonquin Indians differed greatly in this film. Father LaForgue's world view was centered on Jesus Christ. In Father LaForgue's eyes, he was put on this earth to serve Jesus and everything he did was for him. He believed that after life on earth, everybody goes to heaven, which he referred to as "paradise." Being a good human in the French Catholic religion meant having monogamous relationships. It also meant living in a world of non-violence and love. They were not allowed to enjoy flesh.

An example of this from the film is when Father LaForgue saw the two people in the woods having sex and he watched on for a minute. After that he whipped himself with a tree branch while he chanted "it's my fault." He was punishing himself for his own sins. Father LaForgue knew what was right and wrong and how the world worked from the Bible. The French Catholics were very strong followers and believers of the Bible. The Algonquin Indians had much different. They believed very strongly in Animism.

This belief is that everything has a spirit. They believed in a parallel world. They also believed very strongly in their dreams. One quote of the film that really shows this belief was "Dreams are more real than death or battle." Another example of this point from the film was how the Indian chief continually saw his wife in his dreams. His wife had already passed away but he always saw her in his dream standing in a snowy place. He could never figure out what that place was until he was dying from the arrow wound that he received.

When he was dying, he looked up and saw that exact place that he had seen in his dream. He then understood his dream. The Algonquin Indians were very brave. It was in their nature to share everything.

These types of things made them good people. They also were allowed to indulge in and enjoy sexual activity. In one incident in the film, the girl from the Algonquin tribe actually used sex for survival to save them. Survival was key for the Algonquin Indians. The Algonquin's believe this mostly from their dreams.

They don't believe in heaven. They believe that their spirits come back on earth. These two different world views were very different indeed. I don't necessarily agree completely with either world view but I can definitely understand parts of both. I am able to identify with the French Catholics in the way that they believe so strongly in Jesus Christ.

I can also identify with believing in heaven and a beautiful afterlife in "paradise." I am a Christian so I believe in Jesus Christ. I also believe in monogamy. I can also see how the Algonquin Indians believed so strongly in their dreams, especially when the chief kept dreaming of that place and then ended up at that exact place when it was his time to die. I have always believed that my dreams relate a lot to my life and sometimes my dreams have told me stuff that was going to happen in the future.

The practices that seemed the most strange to me was all the violence that the Indian's took part in. I believe in love and a non-violent world so it was hard for me to look at all that violence. I do understand though, that most of it was for survival purposes. To me, to be a good person in this world is to not indulge in sin and to worship Jesus Christ. I believe very strongly in the Bible as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.

It was very interesting and easy to follow and watch. It really made me think about the two different religions. I think it's great when I get a chance to learn about different religions and their beliefs.