The Dutchman is a captivating motion picture that deals with the 1960's scrutiny of racism as well as sexuality. A young black man named Clay (Al Freeman, Jr. ) is sitting in a subway car minding his own business when he momentarily looks out of his window. To his surprise he sees a stunning young woman, Lula (Shirley Knight), who returns his glance. She enters the lone subway car and instead of sitting in any one of the numerous empty seats, she sits right alongside Clay.

There is just Lula and Clay in the car. Before you know it the director (Anthony Harvey II) breaks barriers of the 1960's. The viewers of the 60'a must have felt so uncomfortable at the thought of a black man and a white woman, especially a beautiful white woman, being in a sexual relationship together. Sparks fly as Lula and Clay flirt outrageously. The odd part of the matter is that it seems as if Lula is deliberately teasing Clay.

For instance, Clay and Lula's lips would become so adjacent to each other and then Lula would withdraw. Lula in addition seems to have a psychotic sense of mind when she goes wild to get an orange out of her bag. As the movie progresses more and more people begin to fill the once vacant subway car. Overall the film is an excellent portrayal of what people of the sixties might have thought of racism and sexuality. The film is in black and white and that adds a sense of tension that might come over the viewer watching it. The film is just under an hour long.

The ending has a very peculiar twist to it and should keep you thinking for quite some time. The End.