Shrek The animated feature, Shrek, was created recently by Dreamworks productions and released in May of 2001. Although the movie producers did not say that they were going to do everything right in this movie by inserting enlightened messages and changing old stereotypes, I believe, however, that it is apparent that it was their intent to do so, making this film more than a typical fairy tale. The movie makes several references to many other fairy tales in a comical fashion as in the capture and disbanding of fairy tale creatures from the city of Du lock. However, to show this is still a fairy tale, the producers also tie in some of familiar fairy tale storylines, for example, Shrek has to rescue a cursed princess that only her one true love can save. Since Shrek shows all the typical signs of a fairy tale, I think we can compare it to the remake of Cinderella. Since both movies are directed at young children, even though one is a cartoon and the other is a live adaptation of a musical, they have both been created for the same audience.

Shrek was based on the children's book, Shrek, written by William Stein that was published in 1990. The movie was similar yet not altogether the same. The original books deals with an ugly ogre who finds his love in an ugly princess and together they live ugly ever after. This short picture book only discussed Shrek's journey to find the ugly princess that a witch told him he would marry. So a lot credit has to be given to the film's producers for changing the messages of the original story in a positive way. Through Shrek's journey to rescue the princess and his discovery of his love for Fiona, the movie showed the enlightened message that one has to get to know a person before one can truly love that person.

Shrek's producers show also that a woman is capable of taking care of herself and doesn't always need someone else to help her. Fiona's change from a helpless princess to a kick butt princess also shows the new and enlightened message they intended to communicate. Kush man also argued that NDC did not revise old stereotypes. But by the producers showing Fiona going for Shrek instead of the wealthy prince, they revise old stereotypes and show that all women are not gold diggers out to marry their handsome prince.

Shrek also shows that beauty is only skin deep and that what really matters is what a person is like inside. Therefore, Shrek revises the stereotype of falling in love with someone only because they are beautiful or rich and powerful. Lastly, in Shrek, the stereotype that evil people are evil because they are ugly has been changed as well. Lord Far quad shows he is far and above the evilest of all even though he is not the ugliest.