Over the past decade, there have been many attempts to create a really good monster / dinosaur movie. Of all these movies made, only three movies stand out as the best and most realistic dinosaur movies, the Jurassic Park series. There are many different elements that lead to the movies success, such as the originality of the Jurassic Park series, the continuation of the series, and it's marketing on everything to plastic cups at McDonalds to themed amusement parks. The biggest contributing factor to the success of Jurassic Park is the realism of the dinosaurs in the movie. There hasn't been a good movie made monsters terrorizing people in a long time. We were all waiting for something new and different to come out, and in 1993, our wait was over.

That was the year that the first Jurassic Park movie came out. The reviews about the movie were so good, the movie theater in my neighborhood was sold out every night for the first two months. There was finally a good movie to go see about dinosaurs, and at the time the movie came out it was the most acclaimed movie of the year. All the dinosaurs were the most realistic looking dinosaurs people have ever seen. This is one reason why Jurassic Park was so popular, not only was it a great movie, it was also the most original to come out in a long time. Another element that lead to the success of the Jurassic Park series is the movies continuation up to the third movie.

All three movies followed a straight storyline and in my opinion, each movie was better than the last. Each movie also introduced new dinosaurs every time, which had people guessing what they would see next. No one ever thought they would see the famous T-Rex get eaten by a bigger dinosaur, and who could forget the pterodactyl part in the second movie. Each Jurassic park move also had incomplete endings, leaving people guessing if there is a next movie each time. One thing is for sure, Jurassic Park wouldn't have been so successful if it hadn't followed up with two sequels. The third part that lead to the success of the Jurassic Park series the marketing of the movies.

Each time a Jurassic Park movie came out, it was the biggest thing and you could see it everywhere. There was promotions at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, K-Mart, and anywhere else you could imagine. They had everything from Jurassic Park clothes, watches, lunch boxes, CD players, to the Jurassic Park edition Jeep Wrangler. Universal Studios has a huge Jurassic Park themed ride frequented by tourists every year. Although it was a flop, there was also a cartoon that went on for a season or two, complete with a full line of Jurassic Park toys, and of course the dinosaur shaped cereal too. There are many different elements that lead to the success of the Jurassic Park series.

Only three have been mentioned here, but there is countless other factors that contribute to the success of the movies. I don't know if they will every make one, but I can't wait till the fourth movie comes out. You can't begin to think what kind of dinosaurs they will have in the movie. One thing for sure though, it will be the best and most realistic looking dinosaurs you have ever seen.

And that originally is the biggest contributing factor leading to the success all Jurassic Park movies.