To Whom It May Concern: There are many programs that have made it to our TV screens over the past few years as the ever-growing popularity of reality TV continues to be a demand but ^aEUR~The Truman Show, has pushed the limit of reality and unreality too far. Watching a person that doesn, t even know he is being watched in an environment too made up to be real is just not exposing the problems in real life that may occur to a normal person such as unemployment, no education, no family and no financial support. To have 5000 camera, s focused on a single person to bring him his every action that he does, to millions of people world wide, gives the poor person who had never volunteered for that position no privacy at all even when he / she may be in the shower, toilet or just sleeping. Christof has made money by having Truman pillows and other things while Truman has not made a cent.

The viewers watch his real emotions within a world that is fake and keeping enclosed by creating the fear of water. Christof has just placed the demands of the Truman Show over all other human values. Christof has made Truman, s every move broadcast live and the show is kept alive from the product advertisements Meryl places so suddenly in her conversations with Truman. A program such as the ^aEUR~Truman Show, should not be allowed to be on TV simply because of the fact that he has absolutely no idea he is being filmed (although he guesses in the end and tries to escape) and he did not volunteer to be only real character on the TV show. Shows such as ^aEUR~The Mole, , ^aEUR~Temptation Island, and ^aEUR~For Love or Money, show people who actually want to be on the show for probably instant stardom that they can make a profit from.

The ^aEUR~Truman Show, has very deep issues that are currently in our community and show the difference between reality and unreality TV. The broadcast of a person that didn, t have a say in anything and wants to see what the real world is like, should have the right to leave and see what it is like because it is a free world. To have him cooped up in the dome shaped island of Sea haven is almost like a cage in a zoo where millions of people point and stare. You should personally consider if it was you in that position and imagine how you would feel. You should act by what you would think you would do if you had the power to change things. Hopefully the age where Reality TV has become a popular sight on TV will be gone and replaced with something more open.

Yours sincerely, Imagine that a programme just like ^aEUR~The Truman Show, is currently being broadcast on Australian TV. Write a letter to the Australian Broadcasting Standards Commission arguing why the show should not be on the air or write a letter to the television station explaining why the show should stay on TV.