There has not been any other movie, in my opinion, that I have examined the color present as closely as in the film "The Professional." The movie contains a plot that requires much description and detail which by the use of much colorful sequences throughout the entire film help tell the story to its entire complexity. Therefore in every scene different colors are used to give focus on the significant pieces of the film, ranging from the street light, clothes on the main characters, and even a plant. The movie contains a high impact of violence, action, blood, and even drama, that it is difficult to take time out and appreciate the amount of symbolism present in every color. The use of color in the clothes aids us to formulate the type of person that character is. Leon for example always wore black pants, jackets and glasses throughout the entire film that right away we know that his corrupt lifestyle of being a hit man goes hand in hand with his wardrobe.

Black symbolizes the dark and mysterious side of something, the unknown which is held within the realm of a misunderstood individual. We don't know if Leon enjoyed what he did as his job but his black clothing and secluded nature helped us paint a bigger picture that he wants his audience to feel that way towards him. Aside from Leon portraying the mysterious violent yet simple character is the adolescent girl Matilda; who in contrast wears brighter clothing and seems to be at the center of the important symbolic scenes in the film. Matilda finds herself escaping the trials and tribulations of her family involvement in the drug ring and into the world of Leon. When she returns from the market from buying milk for Leon she sees that her only outlet for safety is to resort to Leon's apartment. The focal point of the story happens when Matilda is begging for Leon to let her in into his apartment as her life is in jeopardy, when suddenly Leon decides to let her in.

The door opens and the sudden bright shining beams of sunlight wrap Matilda as a sign hope and safety. Leon's choice to let her into apartment set the tone for the rest of the story because he did not just spare her life, but let her into his own life. Now taking on the responsibility of taking care of a young girl was heavy on Leon. It is proved through the events that happen to them both and how they dealt with them. As Leon learns how to deal with Matilda, he also develops a relationship with and teaches her HIS way of life because of continuous demands by Matilda.

Leon trains her his way and during these scenes the use of red is common. Every time something violent or filled with action happens or is expected. , something red appears. In this case, the daily routine of drinking milk out of a RED carton symbolizes the strength Leon gets by drinking milk and how that satisfies his duty to kill as a living. So red is the most common color used in the Professional because it not only foreshadows violence or death, but also the blood that is involved with murdering people. The red doors, red jacket worn by hotel clerk, red hat worn by Matilda, red stop light, red milk, all the base colors for the plot of the story.

Then again the light pastel colors of apartments and balloons give the film a brighter side to it by their warm textures that offer hope for Matilda who has to lose Leon at the end when he dies. Thus the movie the Professional is one whose use of color techniques do a magnificent job on giving the characters, the plot and even the settings a better texture, one that aids the audience on understanding the meaning of the film better.