The argument that I'm going to make is that Woody Allen is an "auteur", by standard definition a "auteur" is a film director whose practice accords with the auteur theory. For clarification the "auteur theory " The dictionary definition of auteur states that the director of a film dominates the film-making process's o much that it is appropriate to call the director the auteur, or author, of the motion picture. The theory also states that the director projects his or her own personal style onto the film as they are the primary person responsible for the creation of the film. However, another important aspect of this theory is the commonality of theme that is seen in each of the films that the director makes.

The following director Woody Allen applies to all of these statements. Woody Allen is an "auteur" in the fact that he applies his real life ideas in his movies and acts them out through being the main character in his movies or stories. Even though Allen does not produce his films, Woody Allen has total control over the facets of the film. For each film he has done the directing of the movie, chosen the cast, the locations and the drama that takes place and how the drama is dealt with, written or co-written the screenplay; had final say on all the technical aspects of the filming process; done the final editing and participated in the marketing and distribution process. In fact very few people have had so much control over a film as Allen has. Obvisouly not all of Woody Allens success is due to his own, many others contribute in some of the films that have been successful.

Although in the end Woody Allen has the hand in determining the films overall worth. I believe that the major theme of Allen's movies is that although we are all effected by our general make-up of a person and our environment we are all free to make a choice of our meaning of his or her life and further more, each of us is responsible for the consequences of the choice we make as a person. A lot of Allens film is based on his idea of philosophy of life. You see in Allen films as well as his life that he deals with such issues as his idea of fate, death, love, and his argument battle with god.

Along with those facts, Woody Allen never allows the audience to feel for their own, every movie although there is drama it is quickly recovered or ended by a quick one liner or a quickly resolved solution. Bringing us back to the ideas of Allens outlook on life and that everything can be broken down so simply and quickly, that there is no certain answers for the questions of life. In Woody Allens movies there is a cinematic style to the movie that kind of makes the person watching it feel despair along with laughter. Woody Allen's films depict the unglamorous realities of ordinary people's ordinary lives.

His actors usually are in a conflict facing an obstacle or each other. Although as stated before there is a certain amount of drama but, it is quickly ended by Woody Allens charter and the movie progresses on further without dismay. His danger in the Annie Hall movie was drugs when Annie, Alvy and two other friends were at a home, when a man and women tried to interest them in some cocaine, but anything that is a threat is blow off. As of when Annie starts to take interest in the drug and the audience feels threaten by danger the danger is resolved when Aly sneezes and blows the power all over the room in a huge cloud of puff. Much like "blowing" the danger right out of the scene. Another one of Allens cinematic styles is factor that Allen add to his movies is his style of the way his character express their feeling for each other by over a voice-over narration.

As example of in Annie Hall when Annie and Alvy first meet, their initial meeting, Annie and Alvy talk but express what their really feeling in their subtitles. Such as the part when Annie is talking to Alvy about her photographs when Alvy asked "did you do t hoes photographs in there? Annie responds back with "Yeah, yeah I sort dabble around ya know." Then Later in her subtitle you see her mocking herself saying "I dabble? Listen to me -- what a jerk" You now know Annie feels like a fool in front of Alvy with out the actors coming into some dispute by saying what they feel. Another clear example of this is in Hannah and Her Sisters, when Elliot is expressing his love to Lee. You see Lee and Elliot talking when Elliot asked Lee " Did you ever get around to reading that poem on page twelve?" Lee then responds back " Yes, it made me cry it was so beautiful... so romantic" Then you see or hear Elliot reall thought through his subtitles Elliot is really thinking "I want so badly to kiss her. Not here, you idiot.

You " ve got to get her alone someplace, But I've got to proceed cautiously. This is a very delicate situation. Okay, ah, ask her if you can see her for lunch or a drink tomorrow, and be ready to make light of the offer if she's unresponsive. This has to be done very skillfully, very diplomatically.

You now see that Elliot is scared of rejection of his offer to Lee. Also in scene throughout Deconstructing Harry, when Harry (Allens character) is rethinking to himself about what is going on in his life and how he feels about it. You know how the character really feels now about a certain event occurring in his or her life, throughout Allens subtitles he provides. Another way Allen is an "aut uer" is his way of using his real life in the movies such as his love for Diana, in Annie Hall as he shows it through Aly and Annie's relationship. Also in Deconstructing Harry where Allen feels his life is mixed up and confused expressing his feelings of his life through Harry going through the different doubts of his life in the movie as he finds reason in his own life. Allen brings his life into his movies although it's been argued that he doesn't I believe he does and that what makes Woody Allens movies his own unique way of showing his side of his life to us through a film of doubts and the pleasure of life, having it the way we would like to have it.

In his movies that's what Allen does he provides the ordinary life of people and adds the funny side of life to it even when there is doubt all around the theme of what's wrong in life. Last but not least in Woody Allen's films is the music that is played through out the movie scenes. Music always plays a key part in a every Woody Allen movie. If you read the credits of any film, there are always lots of songs.

Allen displays a sophistication to selecting the music for his films. In Annie Hall the music that is played when Annie is leaving is sorrowful and miserable. A slow off beat that captures the audience attention and bring them to feeling the same way Aly does as he is left along without Annie. Also at the scene where their date takes place, in Hannah and Her Sisters, the music is high and vibrate, as in the scene of the bar where Allen's character feels uneasy and out of place the music feels like a rebellion of him against being there in that type of place or that type of scene of life. A lot of Woody Allen's music he plays in his movies holds a certain point to it. It tells weather a character is sad, happy, confused or whether a problem will be surfacing or be in the result of being solved.

Music in Woody Allen's movies clue us in t how the movie will be played out. In conclusion, the elements like Woody Allen's cinematic and thematic style make Allen's movies his movies. With his use of expressing the character's feeling by voice overs and music for the emotions. Woody Allen's movies are by far the stories of ordinary peoples lives with a twist of Woody Allens style to them, that gives that feeling of we chose what our fate is and the consequences that go with it now and forever more.