To tell you the truth, before I saw this movie I thought that it was going to be really boring and not very good. Surprisingly the movie 'Smoke Signals' was a great movie. This move really depicted what it was like to live on the Rez. It showed that many of the Indians were total drunks and that they didn't even care about their kids while they were drunk. It also showed that many of the Indians do not have a lot of money and while they are living on the Rez money is not that big of an issue. My opinion is that, if they have less money then they cannot get as much beer and alcohol to drink.

I believe that Thomas is the character that many people stereotype Indians as. The reason I say this is because he had those two ponytails and because of his short, slim appearance. Also Thomas had many of those great stories and insights that Indians are portrayed to have. Personally when I watched this movie it made me kind of think that this is pathetic that the United States was promoting the Indians to stay drunk and to continuously look like they did in the 'party scene'. Also when I saw this movie it made me feel embarrassed that we treated the Indians the way that we did and that we felt no remorse for it.

Like I said before I thought that this movie was great and it portrayed Indians the way that many people think of them as. Not only am I glad that I did this for extra credit but I am also glad I did it so that I can understand the Indians more.