Titanic 1997 James Cameron The blockbuster film Titanic brought millions of dollars and thousands of people to the theaters and continues to touch people today in their homes. Why was this film so successful? It was a combination of many different things. Among these are many thematic elements. Looking at some of these elements will show how the director and others involved were able to create an emotionally charged movie that appeals to thousands.

The film uses one thematic element called The Truth of Human Nature. The two main characters seem to represent a greater whole. Most of the other characters in the film are shown as non-tolerant, rude hard-hearted people. The element of focusing on the two main characters love and emotion seems symbolic of an ideal people. There are also social problems addressed. This is done in a few different ways.

The most noticeable way is that the lower class people remain locked in the basement as the ship goes down. Throughout Titanic, the lighting was very important. The poor, lower class people were always shown in very warm colored light giving them a sense of life and happiness. On the other hand, the rich, upper class was always shown in a flat light portraying the feeling of hard and cold. By using these techniques, they show the issue of class segregation, and they create stereotypes.

The main characters are able to break free of these stereotypes and be together. This is the solution to the segregation problem. As you can see, Titanic took a lot of thinking and preparation to film in a manner that would create emotion and bring to the surface the issues and story of the great ship.