In the 15 th century when Christopher Columbus departed from Spain in the exploration where the Americas' were discovered. One of his crewmembers was African his name was "Pedro Alonso Ni~no" he was brought for exploration and not to serve as slave. Slavery was no common in those days, even though it was not new. It is known that Catholics and Muslims would enslave each other centuries before.

So, enslavement was not a new thing among the europeans. When the America's were discovered some Africans came with the Europeans to the new land. Many of these people came with the intention of exploration. When in Europe the fashion of slavery started to flourish many Europeans already believed that African were less than white peopled but did not know that slavery would be a good business.

Soon Africans would start to arrive to the Americas' causing a big impact on this continent culture. The Spanish were the firsts to export slaves from Africa to work in tobacco plantations and other labors. Rapidly this new commerce was extended over the continent and finally arriving to the North American colonies. Soon, many African slaves were brought to the New World against their will and this caused a strong impact on the European and colonist economy. In the mid 1700's about a 40 percent of the population in the Southern colonies was represented by Africans. In addition, in South Carolina after 1710 enslaved Africans outnumbered the white colonists.

That shows how cruel were the Americans with Africans, and how these were unwillingly brought to America.