Adolf Hitler was born on April 20 th, 1989, in Braunau, Austria. He was born the fourth child of Alois and Klara Hitler. Two of his siblings died from diphtheria when they were young, and one died shortly after birth. Hitler? s father was described as a? very strict but comfortable man, ? and his mother always expressed great love to Adolf. Adolf? s family moved several times. For a while Adolf lived in a house across from a Benedictine monastery.

Their coat of arms most obvious feature was a swastika. In 1900 Adolf? s artistic abilities were obvious. This is when Adolf was enrolled in Realshule preparatory school. He did not do well here. At age sixteen Adolf quit school.

In 1906 he visited Vienna and was denied admission to a prestigious art school. In 1907 Adolf? s mother died of breast cancer. Her doctor, a Jew, used many operations and excruciatingly painful and expensive treatments with dangerous drugs. By 1909 Adolf was penniless and wandering Vienna as a transient, bars and shelters. It is believed that this is the time when Adolf became hateful of the Jews. Hitler was enlisted in the Bavarian Army during World War I.

Adolf narrowly escaped death several times and was awarded two Iron Crosses for bravery. He than rose to the rank of lance corporal but that was as high as he got. In 1923 Adolf held a rally at a Munich beer hall and proclaimed a revolution. The next day him and 2000 of his troops attempted to take over the Bavarian government. After more than a dozen men died Adolf surrendered. He received a broken and dislocated arm and was imprisoned at Landsberg.

He was in jail for nine-months. During this time he wrote the first volume of Mein Kampf, and autobiography filled with exaggerated stories. In this book he outlined why he hated the Jews and why they needed to be killed. When released from prison Adolf begins speaking to large groups of Germans. He promised them an empire that would rule the world for a 1, 000 years. Adolf was appointed chancellor in January of 1933.

Hitler saw many women during his time as chancellor. But Eva Braun caught his attention after she tried killing herself on two separate occasions. In April 29, 1945 when he knew the Russians were closing in on him and the dream was over he married Eva Braun. The next day they each took cyanide tablets, and Adolf shot himself in the head.