Who was Adolf Hitler? Hope of life or Tyrant who caused death and sorrow. Who is Adolf Hitler? Over the years this question has been asked in different people and to different people, to some people he is a menace, a living terror, the devil himself, mean while to other people he was their only chance of hope, But the real answer lies in what you think what he was and to do so you need to know a few facts of him. Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, in Austria, on April 20, 1889; the third son of Alois and Klara Hitler. He was the fourth and only surviving child while the others fell victim of the dreaded diphtheria. In his school days Hitler who normally did well in school got worse and worse, then when he was 14 his father passed away, and he tried twice to enter university and was rejected both times, due to this and many other incidents, his childhood and teenage life was filled with failure and sorrow. After this Hitler who had given up all hope in education, went to Munich and got himself enlisted in the German army, where in 4 years of hard work he was wounded several times and decorated for bravery twice, now for the first time in his life Hitler began to have some hope, with some more hard work he was promoted to the intelligence service during which he had his first meeting with the going to be Nazi party.

He later became a member of that party and after some time became the leader, that was when he renamed it as the Nazis. After a few years due to many unexplainable reasons Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and a few years after that Dictator of Germany, this was when he did one of the cruelest things known to Mankind, this was when he gave the order of Extermination of all Jews in Europe, and finally when the Allied forces liberated Europe Hitler blamed the defeat of the German Nation on its Weakness and He and his wife shot themselves in a bunker in Germany and burnt it.