American History Evaluation Our American History project consists of many important events. We " ve included a TV show that includes the Westward Movement, the Progressive Movement, WWI, The Great Depression, and WWII. The topics we have discussed taught us how these events effect us today. Our first topic was the westward movement, which took place in the 1800's. The Westward Movement created new markets, more resources, and better transportation. All these things lead to more inventions, better consumer goods, and the Industrialization Era.

Industrialization created factories and made a demand for consumer goods. Industrialization lead to the Progressive Movement. The Progressive Movement was the fight for certain laws and rights for the middle class. The middle class was angered because all the wealth was concentrated in the hands of the few, and big businesses did many unfair things. President Theodore Roosevelt helped the progressives accomplish many things by using his power of office. If it weren't for the progressives, we wouldn't have laws such as direct election of senators, pure drugs and food act, and regulation of big business.

The next topic we discussed was WWI. We mainly entered WWI to spread democracy. After the war we became the greatest world power. WWI gave us women's right to vote and caused us to fear communism and another war.

Historians say WWI lead to WWII. The Great Depression sunk in when the stock market crashed in 1929. It crashed because of the large amounts of people buying on margin. A loss of hope, self-esteem, and pride swept over the nation. President Roosevelt did his best to establish the New Deal and other programs to rebuild the economy. It was a hard time but it taught Americans to regulate money in the stock market and be more cautious.

Since the Great Depression we " ve taken steps to be more precautions so it never happens again. Our last topic that we discussed was WWII. We entered WWII because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Our main reason to stay in the war was to stop the spread of communism. During the war we were mainly fighting Hitler and Nazi Germany because they were trying to take over Europe. To end the war we used atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

WWII helped our country because it got us out of the Great Depression. It also changed our views on war. We learned many things from doing our project. We realized how one thing in history leads to another event. It also showed us that to understand the future historical events we need to know the past. This project proved to us that history is a major part of our every day lives..