Arun The Black Death-Transcript What I will speak about: 1. Introduction 2. History 3. How the disease spreads? 4. Description of Symptoms 5. Immediate Result 6.

Later Result 7. Conclusion The Black Death was one of the most feared plagues in the world. It adapted its' name from the way it would turn its victim a bluish-black in colour. It was the most vastly spread disease throughout the world in the 1300 s' due to the fact flea infested rats carried it around. Back in that time hygiene control was low and rats would roam the streets just like stray cats and dogs do today.

The major breakouts of the Black Death were from 1347-1351. There were many successive breakouts but none as large as the first few. The Black Death was one of many plagues that had occurred in the past. The first record of a plague was in 540 AD but that was known as the Justin plague and had different symptoms to the Black Death.

Many plagues with different symptoms had occurred before the Black Death but the Black death was well known unlike the other plagues because of the way it spread over almost all the continents in a little time. The Black Death spread throughout the entire western world within a mere five years. The plague moved from one country to another by infected people crossing the border or by ships travelling from country to country. Infected rats would climb aboard a ship in one dock and get of at another. This was the main reason why the disease spread so quickly.

During this time ships were the main way to trade and ships were always coming and going. The Black Death had in decreased the population of almost all the countries in the West. The decrease in the population was so bad that the pre 1347 population wasn't reached until the benign of the 16 th century. There are many written descriptions of the plague but one main one by Guy de Chauliac states, " the attack of the plague begins suddenly, and the patient has chills, fever, headaches and body pains.

At the same time the lymph glands swell especially in the groin, armpits and neck. Then the swell would open and a disease would affect the lungs. The immediate result of the Black Death was plague infected ships would drift in the water with all the crew dead. Entire families were wiped out leaving large estates and large sums of money with no legal claims. With little manpower the price of items rose greatly.

Entire hoses were isolated, farms became overgrown with weeds and people flocked to the safety of city walls not knowing that they were more vulnerable to the diseases there. Once the plague had settled down people started people started blaming each other for the cause of the plague. It wasn't till 1907 that it was proven that rats carried the disease. All the blaming had caused war between cults that were claiming that the gods had cursed certain people and now it was affecting everyone. This carried on for a while but eventually died out. The disease still occurs today in every continent except Australia and Antarctica and may never die out..